Look for the girl with sun in her eyes and she’s gone

This could be a snapshot of my brain at any given moment of any given day. Erratic, yes, but happily colorful! I can laugh at it because I’ve lived unmedicated with ADD all my life. If anything it does make for some entertaining stories in hindsight, but the struggle is real. Haha. No but really it is.

It runs in my family somehow in various degrees but couple that with being the only girl and a stressful relationship with a mom who should have been my champion made it all the more difficult. The one person that should have been building me up spent most of the time pointing out how flawed, different and weird I was.

I’m ok with that now, honestly, even without the ADD I’m sure I’d still be weird. It’s more FUN to be weird, and besides, I’ve met fellow weirdos along the way. Not all with ADD, actually most don’t have it all. I have a Virgo friend, super smart and hyper vigilant about the most insignificant details, weird beyond weird. Oh how I love her. There is nothing as soothing to a weirdos soul then another weirdo in your car that can make strange goofy noises for no apparent reason at all other than their own weird amusement. This is so true. Weird. LOVE ~


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