Sometimes you just want some egg salad

I don’t know what I’m doing here. What am I doing here? Maybe I should have thought this endevor through, instead I’m up at 4:30am, not remotely sleepy, staring at the computer screen, thinking about things like am and pm and if they’re actually abbreviations for something else and that maybe I should Google that. I fall back asleep hours later on the sofa, waking up hungry.

Who is your audience? No one a the moment. That’s ok, I’m kinda shy anyway. Who do you want them to be? Who is in your tribe? What tribe do you want to join? TARGET SHARE COMMENT NETWORK. WTS & SYSTEM OVERLOAD! I stare up from the sofa at the ceiling. I’m hungry for really, not just the stress or boredom kind. I wander over to my little kitchen. Two slices of bread left and I remind myself I really do have to go to the store. I think briefly about gobbling down the leftovers I came back from my brother’s house with last night. Then I see two hard boiled eggs and hear myself say out loud “sometimes you just want some egg salad.






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