Why is this so exhausting?

Somethings I hate about having ADD are like these past few days, stuck here in this ‘trying to create the perfect (in my mind anyway) blog lay out.’ I started with one, then changed it to another, then another. I’m not tech savvy so I’m now on research mode busy fucking up this page or that post. Copy and pasting CSS codes to no avail. I go back to my little blog world after what I think is finally and at last my perfect revise only to get a ‘Oops that page doesn’t seem to exist’ (wtf) message, when in fact I’ve not gotten rid of any posts or pages. In my head I’m thinking “oh for Pete’s sake, just freakin write! Just  fucking stick it anywhere! That’s what you started this thing for!” I’ve gone and diverted my own self from my own purpose again. Damn you, ADD! I preach this to my own ADD son, JUST START, the rest will follow. “Build it and they will come.” I know this, deep down I do. The knowing is what gives me the hand to preach it. That and the fact that I’m his mom, so maternally it’s kinda hard wired into me. But then the OCD for aesthetics, something I seriously doubt he has at his age, kicks in. I only have OCD for the things I like, I don’t have it as condition. That disorder was gifted to my mom. If you find yourself here and there’s no page or post, know that there really is, and that somewhere behind the ‘Oops that page doesn’t seem to exist’ message is me beating my head against the table. Give a little rap on the screen. Please save me from myself.

Image 8-31-17 at 7.58 AM
                                     Oops I did it again


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