the tree whisperer

A fool sees not the same tree that a wise man sees. – William Blake. Yeah, pretty deep, I know right. And true. I was scrolling through the Little Fox’s blog this mornin?g while having my coffee and trying to justify in my head the nutritional value of Nutella on wheat toast, when I came across this quote which tripped my ADD brain and reminded me how much I love trees. Now, some trees are naturally cooler than others, more character, more distinct, more vibey, just like people.

I try to hang out around trees as much as possible. Best part is unlike some people they don’t yammer on jarringly and incessantly about things like the S.O. that treats them like crap but they will still never ever leave, or the latest and greatest horrors of the world, the down fall of all mankind, because why focus on the good. O. M. G. You stand there smiling politely and nodding in agreement unable to get a word in edge wise, or wp-image-1604051423better yet, run. The trees will however speak soft spoken truths if you let them. If you close your eyes, open your mind and really care to listen. It’s there you’ll no doubt come across some of your greatest revelations. Unless it a sapling, they don’t know much. My little brother once had a beautiful tree in front of his old house up North. I don’t think he cared much for it especially during storms but then again he wasn’t a ‘tree whisperer’ like me. It was rather large and high and he worried about it falling onto the house eventually. But I would sit out on his front porch and just marvel at its awesomeness. It had such great spirit. I always seen it as the guardian of their home.

My son is 25 years old. He drifts around from one thing to the next trying to figure out who he is. I get it. I’ve been there, done that. He likes X-Box, Nascar, and WWE. I like all things spiritual, mindbending and high end incense. See how we’re cut from the same cloth, practically the same person. I try to expand his mind with my great philosophies and metaphysical knowledge. “Go” I’ll say, take a walk, go to the park, get some fresh air, go get yourself some God on.” Or worse yet for him, guilt him into going with me. “LOOK AT THAT TREE!! Isn’t that a great tree, can’t you just feel that energy!” I’ll exclaim, only to met flatly with, “Mom, calm down. It’s just a tree.”

Image 9-3-17 at 10.53 AMThere is something so remarkable about nature. Calming. Solace. The trees, the smell of the green, the redolence of damp leaves drying in the sunshine. The heavy ocean air in the dead of summer with its distinctive aroma that no candle company has ever been able to truly duplicate. The scent of freshly fallen snow, so clean, how it leaves the world even if just a moment, so pure. If you let yourself listen you can find great insights to many things here. Some people talk of church as God’s house when in actuality church is the group of people who reside within to worship and praise. The very congregation itself. If you truly speak of God’s house, if you want to commune within its actual walls, then you’d have to take a walk outside. Breathe in. Look around. The swaying of the tall evergreens overhead. The faint rustle of the leaves, you can always hear them even on the stillest of days if listen close enough. If you need to get your God on, go take a walk.

Oh for God sake, go hug a tree! But only if no ones looking. I don’t care how hippie you are people will still point and laugh.






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