that night irma came to town

A temporary pause. I had also hoped to make a habit of blogging something even random to get myself back in the habit of writing at least once a week. I admit to getting more than sidetracked due to the impending storm heading up the West Coast of Florida. I knew of the storm 2 weeks out because I work in travel and tourism for a charter fishing company and we’re always tracking this stuff. We watched, listened to the chatter in the airwaves, speculated, concern grew and before you knew it there it was knocking at the back door. 5 days out ahead of the storm I worked the closing shift and by the time I left the office there wasn’t a bottle of water to be found, not to mention the dwindling gas situation. I’m a blizzard kind of girl, hailing from the Mid-Atlantic coast, we stock up on toilet paper, milk and bread. We stoke the fireplace, or at the very least plug the fake one in and hunker down with some good movies and magazines. I’ve heard all the stories and the laughing off of hurricane warnings, of all the hurricane parties, and I’m here thinking the “good times” wp-image-1748721580that go with these storms surely must go by the category of the storm because at a Cat 4/5,  no one at all seemed to be laughing. I’m blessed to live so close to family, my brother’s house was the safe haven for not only myself but another family nearer to the shore. I simply didn’t trust the not so up to code windows of my tiny abode, and I think in time of crisis people should be together, there’s safety in numbers and more importantly there’s comfort. We all fared the storm pretty well, power out, but there was a generator on standby for that blow. Lots of tree branches, debris, a few uprooted trees and downed fences but no real major damage in our area, we were really spared the worst. Everyone and all neighbors emerged safe and sound.

I slept on the sectional in my brothers living room because it really is quite comfy. The front doors had the hurricane shutters securely in place and still, all night long it sounded like a demon trying to get in from an old B rated horror flick. I would get up from time to time in the pitch black dark and look out the back sliding glass door at trees in the howling wind and at the swimming pool. There were 3 Star Spangled beach balls grouped together in the pool all day prior, just gently floating around and around in the on and off again rain, and here they were still, at 1 a.m. in 60+mph winds stuck together still blowing back and forth around and around the pool, though not so gently now, more a bit like beach
balls on crack cocaine. It was like they were magnetized to the water somehow and I couldn’t believe they hadn’t been blown out of the pool all together, let alone still be together in their group. That must be some weird physics stuff. More importantly what I seen was even the beach balls knew to stick together. We could all take a lesson from the beach balls that wicked windy night.IMG_20170915_194031

My heart felt prayers to everyone that didn’t fare out as well as our part of town. To all those out on the islands, to those still dealing with the remnants of Harvey, know so many thoughts and well wishes are with you.  I pray your neighbors and communities stick together just like the beach balls in their efforts of clean up and rebuilding, and even more so, God bless.





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