Not So Alone ~ IT’S THE SECRET OF MY SUCCESS – Rick Green

I clean house like this: Start in one room, half ass it, then start another room and do the same, then another, and so on, going back and forth between each room, periodically stopping for an ice tea, or perhaps (more like) a beer or two if I’m feeling saucy, while stepping back to mentally access the bigger picture (it’s the Sagittarius in me) of how nice my freshly cleaned house is going to look, feel and smell. The house would be in complete disarray for the majority of the day, but all ends well. It would drive my meticulous OCD mother crazy. My philosophy was, (and maybe still is) what difference does it make when it came to something like house cleaning how its done if the end result is the same. After reading  totallyadd’s latest blog post its nice to know I’ve never been alone in this kooky way of working things through.  Jeannie J ~

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After I was diagnosed I understood why I had written hundreds of episodes of skit comedy. Thousands of short sketches. And only a few ½ hour sitcoms, and heaven forbid, no full-length screenplays. Even the stage shows I worked on were basically a collection of skits and songs around a theme.

A movie screenplay takes months to write—tracing character arcs, blocking out action, the saw tooth of rising action, developing characters and back story. The fun part, the snappy dialogue, comes last. (I was so disappointed when I learned this.)

I can write a short skit in a half hour. (And then rewrite it, again and again, until I’m happy with it.)

I divide complex tasks into doable chunks. Not just creating a TV series, but things as simple as cleaning the car, or In fact, I keep dividing the task into smaller chunks until it does feel doable.


With ADHD, having successes, achieving small victories, is so energizing. Each little win gives me a boost of Dopamine, which is what I need to do the next step. And every step. Until it’s done. It’s not just being on a roll, it’s having the mental juice to take on what’s next.

Of course, dealing with my ADHD is the one task that will never be ‘done’.

There’s no final destination. Just getting better and better. One step at a time.

Rick Green – Founder of totallyadd

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