the artist in me

It’s really easy to laugh at ADHD because face it, it has some humorous aspects to it. I think that’s why so many of us have a bizarre senses of humor and a love of comedy. Especially the short snappy 23 minute sitcom. Give me a good sitcom any day and I can relish it for over a decade. I don’t really watch much tv but Big Bang Theory has been my background noise since 2012. There is also a love of novelty. I’m certain that’s where the “shiny objects” meme comes into play. Take me to a Metaphysical Shop and I’m a kid in a candy store. The pretty shiny crystals, the tinkling chimes, the colorful candles, books and boxes. They need a yellow warning sign in their window for people like me. WARNING COLORFUL PRETTY OBJECTS AHEAD. $!Cha-Ching!$ Whatever. Excuse me I’m a card reader, super fucking spiritual, now, how much for the shiny crystal ball?

A few years ago I decided I wanted to expand my artistic side and learn to draw. My mother could draw, my uncle could draw, surely it’s in the genes, and I can say with pride that I CAN DRAW. That being said, what I can draw is exquisite doodles and animated sketches. While I was skimming through a book on drawing it remarked that everyone has the innate ability to draw. You can of course improve your drawing skills like anything else with practice and patience and albeit not my strongest qualities, I preserved as long as humanly possible without crying or ripping my own face off. The book went into the ‘minds eye’, this got pretty deep and spiritual on the whole drawing thing. I just wanted to draw some pretty landscapes and butterflies. They said to just draw something, anything, because how you draw instantlygiphy on cue is the way you view things in your mind’s eye. This is the way you internally view the world. See, deep shit, I know. Apparently I see the world as a giant cartoon character. Oh you funny exaggerated ADD monkey brain of mine.

200 hundred plus $$ worth of pencils, paper, pretty sketch books, gel pens, pastel crayons, color pencils, acrylic paints, watercolor crayons, stamps, ink pads, embossing powder, ceramic tile pieces, pom pom balls, stickers, indian ink, scissors, gesso, markers, gel medium, and Elmers glue later, I found my artistic niche in mixed media art and collage.

Is it any wonder. It took some experimenting to find it, my artistic niche, but there it was. It mirrors my ADD/ADHD perfectly. The perfect creative outlet. The putting together of fragmented pieces into something beautiful and whole.  I mean, can you even GET  anymore metaphorical? Damn. I’m just gonna drop the mike right here. BOOM!

Everyone can do Something WELL.






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