Down the Rabbit Hole

Black and white, its refined elegance that I see, that’s the way I’ll go, that’s what they should see, that’s me, that’s the very part of me not many see.

The laughter comes, the colorful laughter, laughter like a rainbow, lets slide, stripped away goes the polish, but isn’t it all absurd anyway.

I know, I’ll put the two together, won’t that be grand. That’s unique right. But I’m thinking of the day we hooked school in the blizzard and I stuck my bare feet in the snow to sober up from all the booze.

Down the rabbit hole. I’ll just sit here and think. I do that best. After all, I’m the thinking type. Or am I the dreamer. No, I’m both. Am I?

I’m thinking about my uncle making spaghetti, he made the best spaghetti sauce, I miss him, why do people leave us, gone, like dust.  But I need something black and white, a photo, something. Elegance to wrap my words around so they can see who I really am.


#adhd #adhdawareness #educate #advocate





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