WTF Football

Wtf? What just happened? I meant to write this last night but I got a little sauced on my brothers wicked Rum Runners, aka Myers’s Dark Rum straight up-ish, though fancifully topped with fresh nutmeg. I’m a hometown Baltimore girl, I bleed a little purple at times. The team was playing over in London so the time of the game was in the morning hours here on the east coast of the U.S. I don’t watch football much since moving South, I really have never been a big tv watcher at all anyway, and trying to embrace a more frugal lifestyle since empty nesting, I’ve opted to stream tv for awhile.  The call came in from my son up in Baltimore that our beloved (and ‘usually’ I use that loosely, well behaved) Ravens took a knee … (ok, whatever).. at Wembley Stadium .. during the American Anthem, whilst they stood for God Save the Queen, the British equivalent. Wha-WHAT?! They lost by the way, annihilated really. Divine retribution? From there it seemed like all NFL madness broke loose. Me personally, when I watch football I just want to watch football. I want to drink beer, consume unnecessarily high calorie food, I want to get loud, I want to cheer, I want to boo, I want to swear like a sailor. If I want a political fix, I know where to go for that, the #fakenews and my little brother the self-proclaimed #fakenewsfixer. What is happening? So here is what I’ve understood thus far, (??) President Trump, yes of course it starts there… opened his mouth. There you have it. Really? I don’t even think I need to elaborate much further than that. But I’m still not understanding. Is it a he said this so we’re going to do that, tit for tat kind of mentality? I mean if there is one thing I think most of us have figured out by now about our new President, it’s that he’s not the most articulate or eloquent speaker out there. And if this whole majority take a knee stance was staged in protest of poorly chosen words, from someone who is already known for being more than a little crass, since when do 2 wrongs make a right? We learn that lesson in grade school.  What these men did wasn’t insult the Prez right back at ya, all tit for tat, do you think he really cares? Do you think you showed him? Do you think you’ve hurt his feelings in any way? You’re just adding fuel to that fire. The only thing that happened was you’ve insulted the very country that has afforded your grossly overpaid salaries and privileges. You’ve insulted your fans, because NOT ALL your fans feel the same way. Am I missing the mark here, please tell me I am, it just couldn’t be over something so trit. This is like children in a schoolyard. Is that what it was really about? And isn’t there a proper time and place for everything. Really. There is. I could not even imagine. I work in Travel and Tourism on the waterfront, I charter fishing trips, it’s what makes the company I work for the very money it has, so, what if I showed up and told our customers walking through our doors about the rights of the fish. They need an advocate too. Let them know that I personally side with the Fisheries and NOT my employer or the fishing community, and I’m not here to sell you a fishing experience. Here, maybe I sell ya shirt instead, but our bread and butter, I simply don’t believe in it and its my right as an American to stand here tell you this, not only that, I FULLY expect my boss, the owner of this establishment, his very livelihood, to back me up 100% , you know, as American, it’s my right. Ack! Go ahead, go to work and try that. Right. Stop. Please. Football players WORK for the NFL, it’s their job.  I can’t. I just cannot. But whatever, it’s football, a game, however what saddened me even more was in the mix of all this controversy, I hear about 8 year old kids taking a knee at their little league football game. WHAT. Seriously? Why? 8 year olds? Do they have any idea what they’re even taking a knee for? That’d be a no. They’re 8.  They’re emulating the behavior they see from their idols, their heroes. Or, they are taking a knee for what their parents are telling them this knee drop is for. Of course, not every parent believes the same thing and thus begins the next generation of the great divide.

I’m not a politically inclined person. I don’t like political rants. This is not a political blog. I believe everyone does have the right to peacefully protest. I believe in everyone rights. I’m very middle of the road on most things with the ability to see both sides of the same coin but…I do believe there is time and place for everything, and the football field in my (and mine only) opinion is not one of them. I stand for the flag. I get teary eyed at the National Anthem and here’s why, because it humbles me. It humbles me greatly.  To know there has been and continues to be people who lay down their very lives for us and for this country. Their LIFE. WILLINGLY. For us. Everyone of us. For you. For me. For ME.  For the freedom we have to drop to a knee for whatever reason. For all the good deeds this country and it’s people do that go unnoticed because we’re too busy squabbling over the political correctness of what seems to be anymore, every single solitary thing under the flipping sun.  I mean why? Since when is everything in the whole wide world a political statement? Why?  Don’t we use sports and television as a temporary escape from this stuff. I thought that’s what the sports and entertainment venue was for. Someone enlighten me if I’m wrong on at least that much.

As an adult, the taking a knee for social injustice, ok, I get that, not exactly onboard with the football field being the time or place, but I get it, yesterday’s madness however, I really do hope the Great Sunday Knee Drop was not in retaliation over a tweet on Twitter. Really.  I don’t care who tweeted it out. That’d be some fucked up fuckary for sure. Just throw the damn ball, I’d like to get on with the eating of Buffalo Chicken Cheese Dip.

Can we just enjoy our Sundays off, escape a little bit and watch some football, be with our friends and family, let the real world slip by for just a day. Let us all just have a day to breathe.  Really, the world along with all its troubles will still be there for fixing and hashtagging## in the morning.

Just throw the damn ball!

Well, in the words of Forrest Gump, that’s all I’ve got to say about that.

So sorry if anyone takes offense, it’s just been twirling off in my head all day still.

‘Yesterday’s Madness’… be a great name for indie alternative rock band.


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