Support, Educate, Advocate

Happy New Month! Happy October! My all time favorite month of the year. Alongside Breast Cancer Awareness we also support, educate and advocate ADD/ADHD, so while my beautiful niece is off rockin her pink locks in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I’ve decided this month I’d share some insight on what it’s like living with ADD from my own perspective and  some of the ways it affects me personally, such as, well, right now. My intention last night was to get up early, open some windows and clean. I got up, decided it was ADHD Awareness month and I should immediately post something about that, because, well, that is my wheelhouse after all. And, because I know me, I also know that this will lead to about 17 to 53 revisions, which equals an entire day of logging on and off WordPress for what will eventually become a one paragraph, 2 minute read.


Ahh.. ADHD, you gotta have sense of humour. Since details aren’t my strong suit, unless of course it’s pointless trivia, or something I personally find fascinating, I won’t see any typos or grammar mistakes until after I publicly post this 5 or 8 times, even after multiple spellchecks. I’ll feel bad about the time I’ve wasted and decide to finally get around to some cleaning, but WAIT!, I need more pretty pictures for futures posts. I’ll then scan the internet, finding pretty pictures, that lead me to the blogs theses pretty pictures are attached to where I will read, and save, and read some more, down the rabbit hole once again. I’ll tell myself it’s really ok, because after all I do have off tomorrow. Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow…..

Links to some valuble resources can be found in the ADD/ADHD header menu or here.

Prayers up for a blessed and wonderful month.














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