Tarot, My Fidget Spinner of Choice (ADHD Awareness Month Share #2)

**This originally was not meant to be a post but a page in a different area, but in light of acceptance,  ADHD Awareness Month, Friday the 13th and all things woo that go with it, I figured why not. It just makes sense. ADHD Awareness Share #2.

I love to read Tarot cards. Hell, I love to read all CARDS. I love to shuffle and throw them down. I’ve been this way since I was a little kid with my first pack of fortune telling cards at the age of 9.

This personal little blog is not meant to nor could ever over take the vast amount of knowledge or the deep philosophical information out there, nor is it meant to teach. I am not a teacher, as much as I’d love to teach you my ADHD’s lack of organizational skills just doesn’t allow it. I will tell anything you’d like to know, but literally teach, I’ll leave that to the likes of these ladies and the countless other beautiful Tarot blogs out here in cyberland. I’m just doin me, and bringing what I know and how I do, to you. My niche, if you even want to categorize it as such is, I have ADHD, so that vast amount of everything Tarot sometimes, well, it just 20171012_225337.pngbores me. Sometimes, I kind of like to get right to the point. “Your boyfriend sucks, here’s why”… (just kidding)  I’ve been working with Tarot for 3 decades and I have used them in various manners. I’ve read their history, I’ve collected decks on artistic impulse alone, I’ve done path working with the cards, shadow work with the cards,  #failedwitch spellwork with the cards, creative writing, journaling, dream work. I’ve studied their numerology, their gems, their herbs, their mythology, their roots in Christianity, their slant toward Paganism and ties to the Kabbalah. Try conversing with a card, enter guided meditation through a card, have a pocket friend for the day, use in a ritual, how about some recipes in honor of each element of the cards, the list goes on. And of course the actual reading of the cards themselves. After a couple of decades when I emerged from that rabbit hole here is what I came back with: I read cards intuitively.

“Intuitively.” What does that even mean? That always sounds like such a load, a cop out doesn’t it. I agree, (feel free to insert eyeroll here) however, there is a lot of truth in reading intuitively, and this is why almost every card reader does, it’s because you know what you know. We all know what we know, whether we want to accept this or not. As Camelia Elias puts it, we’re just fixing blind spots. That being said it is nice to have a little background knowledge of the Tarot for framework and foundation. That’s where 3 decades of study and genuine love of these pretty pieces of paper comes in. I’ll admit with the ADHD it was never an easy task to tackle 78 cards plus reversals and I won’t lie, it has been an on again off again love affair, but like anImage 8-24-17 at 8.42 AM addiction I always came back. Throughout my entire adult life there’s only been 2 things I’ve always counted on and came back to, number 1 was my Bible, (Catholicism never shakes off easily) and number 2, my Cards. Odd combination, I know, but somehow it’s the only way I’ve kept my balance. Luckily Tarot is not a negative addiction and has enough multi layers to keep any ADHD monkey brain delighted. First there’s the very novelty of the cards, like a game, lets play. Pretty pieces of paper. Lets tell a story. Then there’s the rich and fascinating history of the cards. I’ll leave those mind bending discussions to the scholars but one Google search will result in more than enough pages to take you in that direction. On art work alone there are more than a number of decks to cover and include every style, aesthetic taste and diversity to be found. History and Art infused with the magic and sparkle of astrology, numerology, mythology tempered with soft science of psychology. More than enough to make an ADHD brain giddy with glee.

Shuffle shuffle shuffle. All my years of shuffling. How I love to shuffle these cards. I’d shuffle cards when I was bored. I’d shuffle cards watching tv. I’d shuffle cards talking on the phone. If I had them in my purse I’d shuffle them stuck in traffic. I love to shuffle, maybe even more than actually reading them! It’s funny that in light of recent acknowledgments I’ve now come to realize that shuffling these cards was my own form of fidget spinning.  Me, my cards and my ADHD. It all makes perfect sense now.

I’ve had dozen and dozen of card decks. Recently going through a Spark Joy phase prior to moving South I gifted or donated the vast majority of them leaving myself less than a handful, those are the ones that hold significance to me for  my own personal reasons. I read primarily with a standard Rider Waite and for the most it’s because it’s the deck I learned with, the one I stumble upon in that book store over 30 years ago, it’s the one regardless of its aesthetics or often lack thereof, I hold near and dear to my heart, and after parting with it for decades it was like coming home.

I love the ambience of card reading too. Being of the hippie dippy gypsy witch tribe of all things woo. I love the incense, the crystals, the music, and all other novelties that lend themselves to card reading. Again, score one for ADHD and it’s love for all things shiny. Magical. Image 10-13-17 at 7.44 AMThink about it, even the very word ‘magic’, can you even say it without seeing the word surrounded by stars and sparkles in your mind, no, of course you can’t. Don’t kid yourself. But I’ve thrown cards on kitchen tables, living room floors, beds, and yes even bathroom sink counters. I’m not proud to say that last one but it has happened. That’s because I also realize there’s a simplicity and practicality in card reading. Dive in, get dirty and even get it wrong now and again. It’s nice to go deep, but I also don’t buy into the Tarot having to be so esoteric always. They can be as practical and hands on as any other tool for self development. No incense is really required.  No crystals or mystical jewelry either. I’m no more psychic than the next person, my card reading ability has come to me the way it has most others, self taught through a genuine love and fascination of the cards. It’s really no more than the putting together of pictures and patterns blended in with a healthy dose of intuition. I’m not a mind reader, I’m a card reader. Open dialogue, though not a requirement, is beneficial to get whatever issue that has brought you to this point clarified and hopefully resolved.

All this said, I do have a difficult time reading for myself. I prefer to read for others. I’m generally too emotionally involved with my own junk to distance myself enough for a full on self read. I’ll read too much into the cards or never enough. 20170929_073032.pngIt’s either too good, in which case I’m free to ignore all said advice and go about my zig zaggy round about merry way, or I’ll begin to vividly see my doom and future life as a crazy cat lady. For myself  I prefer to use them as everyday guidance, or a  tool for journaling and/or writing. Theses cards have opened me up like a can of cheap sardines when I was going through one of the most difficult transitions of my adult life, allowing every poison encased inside me spill out on paper. For that I am eternally grateful.

Know thyself. And in all due respect of the Tarot, I can say that I do.



#tarot4adhd #tarot4acause #positiveadhd

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