No title because frankly it was taking too long to think of one (ADHD Awareness Month Share #4)

Patience is a virtue. It really, really is. My patience is kind of funny. I have great patience in the “big” stuff,  I actually have a very calm, cool and collected head in a crisis. Steady as a rock and I have no problem stepping up and taking charge. The big stuff I can manage. Cut me off in traffic without a blinker though, you’ve taken me to a whole other level. I will lose my freaking mind. Here’s why, this is how I justify it.

Image 10-16-17 at 10.20 AM

I’m a pretty easy going person for the most part. I’m so laid back if I were anymore laid back I’d be dead. If you put your blinker on to come over, no worries, be my guest, it’s all good, I’ll even slow down for you. I share the love and the lanes. Just be courteous enough to use your blinker. You KNOW the BLINKER, that ThiNG they PuT ON EVERY Automobile FOR A FUCKING REASON!!!!!! THAT FUCKING REASON BEING SO OTHER PEOPLE…. LIKE ME!!!!!!…. KNOW YOU WANT TO COME THE FUCK ON OVER!!!!!!!!!  That said, being a fan of all things woo, I have a natural love of all things sparkly, that includes the Image 10-17-17 at 10.10 PMstars. Ah, yes, Astrology. How grand is life when all the planets are aligned properly and the stars are singing. I’m not a fan of the cookie cutter one size fits all newspaper/magazine horoscopes, but I do find a certain interest in actual natal birth charts. The squares and trines, the sextiles, whatever a sextile even is, it has the word sex in it though so it can’t be all bad. One day I will have mine read professionally, but I know enough to get me by, and this much I do know for sure, I’m a Sagittarius with a Leo Ascendent and an Aries Moon. Optimistic, enthusiastic (until I’m not anymore), philosophical, blunt, outspoken (when I’m not busy being an introvert, – can’t pigeon hole this lady), creative, artistic, impatient, impetuous, and temperamental. An all around triple threat Fire sign. One look at me once you’ve crossed over that fine line of tolerance and I just might melt you with my eyes alone. The gif below could be possible footage of me at work when I’ve reached my end and a guest innocently ask me for assistance.


Of all my shortcomings it’s my patience, (or lack there of) that has always been my greatest  issue. It’s not just you, I don’t even have patient with ME, let alone anything else, unless of course it’s something I’m fascinated with, in which case I switch on my magical hyper focus super power.  I am truly the proverbial lady of very little patience. I can’t help it, it’s the Sagittarius me. Or is it the Aries? Leo? I mean why God why does the light have to turn red, like ever. Especially when I’m driving along so mellow and groovy just  jammin away. Why do song always sound better when you’re actual in drive? Ugh, I’ve  been waiting here for 3 forever seconds, when is the light EVER going to turn green? COME ON. WTF. Thank God for smartphones so the world can multi task at these unnecessarily long 90 second red lights. Light turns green. LIGHT TURNED GREEN!  The light turned green a nano second ago why isn’t the car in front of me moving!? WTH! DUDE! GO!! AGHHH!

Sagittarius – blunt and impatient = ADHD, Aries – impulsive and temperamental = ADHD, Leo – lavish and grandiose = ADHD, need I say more. And here I’ve spent a lifetime thinking it was written in the stars.


Before banking online I had a many a bills go unpaid. Well, not unpaid really, I’d write out the check, stick it in the envelope and place on the stamp, the problem seemed to be in the actual getting to the post office. When I say post office I mean the mailbox in front of my house and sticking the up the flag. I pause here as it would seem I’ve gone and perplexed myself. Damn you ADHD, foiled again! I now question, does this fall under patience, lack there of, as in I don’t have the 15 seconds of time it would take to reach the front of the house and mailbox because I’m overly busy hobnobbing and networking with the party in head, OR does this fall under procrastination and it’s sneaky under handed way of subconsciously adding the challenge of meeting the deadline of paying a bill on time into play, hmmm… interesting. I can tell you this. Tomato, tomahto. Regardless of what it falls under it will fuck up your credit score.

Ironically, I’ve always had fairly good blood pressure considering. It’s damn near golden before work hours. But because I am fully aware of my explosive triple threat fire sign temperament, and because I am an adult and a mom and basically an all around kind person, I do rein it in. I mean hell hath no fury by the likes of me. I know me better than anyone, inside and out. I could crush you like a bug with my words alone. I won’t of course, just know that I could. Thank God no one lives in my head but me and my committee. I am prone to heart palpitations if I feel myself self holding back too much, and I have learned to walk away quickly and often. Yoga’s been great in teaching proper breathing techniques. Yoga is probably the best thing I’ve done so far for the ADHD. Breathe your way through. Breathe yourself down, down off the ledge. You would never ever know any of this by looking at me, by talking to me. Trust me, it’s taken a lifetime of practice to look this put together. It’s a wonder I haven’t self combusted by now. IT CAN HAPPEN. It’s gotten even worse in the past 2 years with the beginnings of menopause. The good times are just getting better. The lack of patience aggravation that produces heart palpitations, now throws nuclear hot flashes into the mix. wp-1508348055164..jpgIf you see a puddle on the floor with a pair of glasses in the center just step over kindly, it’s just me, someone probably asked me the same question for the 478th time.

I leave you with this…..

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