Evening Star

…Proud Evening Star,
In thy glory afar,
And dearer thy beam shall be;
For joy to my heart
Is the proud part
Thou bearest in Heaven at night,
And more I admire
Thy distant fire,
Than that colder, lowly light.

Edgar Allen Poe




Bask in the light of your own internal flame and watch your Spirit triumph.

Don’t let the naysayers sway you, if you feel your Spirit call, follow that.


We Are Just Stars

At a times when sustained efforts are questionable, and priorities begin to shift… What to do when you don’t know what to do.


There’s a beauty in doing nothing, there’s a freedom in it also. As with the High Priestess, the Star is a card of stillness. Non action. Not as deep or as contemplative, it doesn’t ask us to sense or to feel, it simply asks us to trust. Trust the Universe has your back. It does if you so believe. Without the darkness we never see the stars. Soon enough there will come a call to action, but for now breathe in the stillness. Breathe in peace. Cast your cares. Know. All is well.


December Super Full Moon tags Mercury Retro

This Super Full Moon in Mercury Rx brings with it the opportunity to look within and reflect on things once overlooked that may hold keys, answers or revelations. Welcome change as the year and season comes to it’s natural end as shown by Jera rune. Instead of fighting Merc Rx use this time to go back and within, to search meaning to things once dismissed because they didn’t turn out as hoped or planned. In everything, both goodIMG_20171203_071735_014.jpg and bad holds a lesson if we care to look deep enough and are ready for it’s truth and knowledge. With Dagaz rune comes promise of the day, the light out of darkness, the illumination and awakening. This time of Full Moon in Merc Rx asked you to go deep, welcome this time to go back and tie up loose ends, look behind you as the year begins it’s end only to begin over once again and find those hidden truths in the darkness so we can bring them to light and take their lessons with us moving forward.

Joy to the World


Welcome December, please be kind.


Thursday Thought


Queens of Truth ~Wealth consists not of having great possessions, but of having few wants. – Epictetus

A Little Saturday Night Tarot

This blog, my Instagram feed, my bizarre doctors appointment with the cyborg. The question, how do I best use my ADHD super powers? The Ace of Wands & Hierophant.IMG_20171111_211446.jpg  It’s been heading in this direction organically on its own for a little bit now, the role model I should have been years ago for the person that needed me to be that the most. I have a lifetimes worth of bizarre what you don’t want to do’s here under my cap all ready and willing to share. It’s not an easy thing this ADHD, but it’s not always so terrible either, it comes with perks.  What I never had however was a role model. I never had support. I never even had so much as understanding, anyone to talk to me, to try to make sense of things and I was too scared to try and explain myself, all I had gotten was, you’re not trying hard enough, etc, the norm that just about every ADHDer hears at some point in their life, and it’s sad. All I had ever gotten was accused. It’s heartbreaking. I myself have even spoken these very words to my own ADHD child, knowing full well, mostly more out of frustration than lack of understanding, since my child did have the medication and resources available, but still no excuse. It’s hard and it hurts. I should have stepped up a long time ago. Instead of preaching, and teaching in the do as I say not as I do manner, I should have stepped up first and got the ball rolling. My ADHD super powers is to become the role model, the teacher, the coach. Be what I should have been all along.

Creatively surviving and advocating.


My 6 Of Cups

                                                  Image 8-26-17 at 8.34 AM

It’s hard to make a declaration of card reading. Especially since I was:

a) raised in a house full of boys

b) raised by devout Catholic grandparents.

Entertaining the imagination of a little child armoured by fairy godmothers, good witches and pixies at the age of seven and eight is one thing, a twenty year old wielding a wicked pack of cards is another. Yet eventually there I’d be, Bible in one hand, Tarot deck in the other, out to save any delinquent that came my way. All I needed was a little practice. Luckily I had a brother that fit this bill close enough to make my guinea pig. My little brother was the one I was closest to growing up, we’re only a year apart in age, people thought we were twins. He is the most prominent brother of my childhood memories. He could make laugh harder and longer than anyone else I know. Better yet he was more than obliging to let me read for him, all the while telling me how I was going to hell. Yes, as I read his cards. Willingly. And I was the one going to hell. Brothers.


10 Of Swords

Life and death are one thread, the same line viewed from different sides. – Lao Tzu

No fanfare for the 10 of Swords? Face down, back full of swords. The ughness of it all.

I’m sure most people who have found their way here may already know these small basics. If not take heart, not everything is always as it seems. It took me a long time not to cringe when this card came up, let alone the times it would come leaping and flying out of the deck while shuffling! (repeatedly) All those swords, so extra.

I’ve adopted a different view of this card. A kinder and gentler one in my now full blown adulthood. Everything ends on its own eventually. Maybe even before we want it to. Or better yet, maybe before we want it to, knowing that it really should. It reminds me to let go. It reminds me to move forward, to think forward, and that everything that holds us back is just outdated. It reminds me to be mindful, and to be still. Look to the horizon (Waite-Smith) how beautiful is that? The dawning of a new day. Yoking the stillness with the letting go. No blood shed, just the mind exaggerating itself as it has the tendency to do.


Image 8-26-17 at 10.49 AMMy favorite 10 of Swords comes from Thoth deck. The swords all chipped and broken, piercing the heart. Yet in the center of that piercing, that pain, comes light. The spark. The divine Spirit that keeps on keeping on. What’s so scary about that. You’re not bleeding. You just think you are.



About that Wish Card

Oh you wonderful 9 of Cups card. The card everyone loves to see. The “Wish Card” where all ends well and dreams really do come true. Known also as the Wish Card in Playing Card cartomancy, via 9 of Hearts. And though I don’t deny it’s a great card, I like to see in my readings too, I’m going to take a different stance on this card away from the norm because it’s not typically done. I like the initial feel good vibe of the 9 of Cups just as much as anyone, but it always seemed a little off to me, well, at least the RWS version and it’s clones.IMG_20170916_084029

First of all, why so alone?  You’d think this someone with so much, and so much to offer would be a little more involved then he appears to be. He just sits there in solitude in front of what has always seemed to me, empty cups. So, lets assume they’re at the very least cups of solid gold, they’re just sitting there, stacked up like trophies, a collection of sorts. His body language is certainly not one of giving. If you read body language and you’re at all into that Chakra crap (which I totally am, fyi) you will immediately see how closed off he is, which I’ve always found terribly odd because the very nature of the fluid suit of Cups in itself is emotion. Whats up with that, sitting there all fat and happy and a little bit smug. To me it’s always looked like an all about me attitude. I digress.

f2fd42773c1326dcffbf90c556bd69c7--bài-tarot-card-readingIn the Mystic Dreamers Tarot version the 9 of Cups imagery is that of  a woman alone, a beautiful vase of simplistic yet elegant flowers by her side, yet her surroundings are of cold marble, and concrete. She sits alone with just one window in which to look out upon the warmth of the world just outside of reach.

Maybe there’s an underling meaning in the Wish card, the proverbial watch what you wish for, else you may get it. We tend to become enslaved by the very things we think will bring us happiness and freedom.

I work better in the realm of mood and vibes so for the Wish card I do prefer the Thoth Tarot 9 of Cups to the RWS & clones. Actually I love IMG_20170917_090336the Thoth imagery of 9 of Cups, to me its a more accurate depiction of what the card is typically supposed to imply. Astrologically speaking, Jupiter in Pisces, that’s an excessive amount of water. It works better visually with the Thoth deck though Thoth is not always the easiest deck to read with if you’re a pictorial reader.


Ramblings declares the Monkey brain!

Watch what you wish for, you just might get it. And all it’s trappings too.


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