Pretty Pictures and Purple Prose


It’s been awhile. I have a confession, while I’ve been away from the keyboard I realize, though truly have always known, I have a potty mouth, and it appears fuck is my favorite word. Fuck this, fuck that, mother fucker, what the fuck and all that other fuckery that goes along with it. Fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck. I say this here now because it’s my blog and I can. I’m also the person that when overhearing people casually use the word fuck out and about and outloud will in my head silently criticize them with a what the fuck, who raised these people! In my defense I do take a quick glance around for children under 12 and the elderly before I let my F-Bombs fly.

Pretty Pictures and Purple Prose

I have another confession, while I’ve been away from the keyboard I’ve fallen prisoner to INSTAGRAM. Sure, it started innocently enough, doing my Tarot thing via advocating ADHD month. It’s fun and it’s nice to find a community that shares the same interests as you do, I didn’t have this decades ago when I was immersed in the cards, this common thread, people from all over the world, and up until I started this blogging venture last summer I was not very social media savvy or even interested  in being so for that matter. To be honest, I’m not very socially inclined in that respect opting to keep my Facebook page locked up tighter than Fort Knox. (but is there really any gold in there anymore anyway, I digress.) This ADHD of mine makes me a bit of a walking paradox, seemingly one thing while actually another, but not really at all. The lady that poo poo’s the crystal grid and has one sitting on her bakers rack. Has it worked? I don’t think so, but it sure is pretty. Chakras makes sense so why not. I love me some black tourmaline and blame all my problems of security on my blocked Root Chakra. Moons ago I was told if you have issues with your Root Chakra you should place a black tourmaline crystal on the base of your spine just above your pelvis so naturally I scotched taped a rather large chunk of one right there in place in hopes it would relieve me all my financial burdens. It didn’t, and the word I will use for this is ouch and just don’t. Yeah, I think I did it wrong. In later blogs maybe I’ll elaborate on why I’m not a Witch, but I think you can probably get a pretty clear picture already.

PICTURES and WORDS two of my favorite things. I love quotes. LOVE THEM. I don’t care what anyone says, it’s all been said before and probably better. Sometimes anyway. I do have to give credit to some of my Insta pals for words that ooze like honey often resonating with me. I’ll look at one of their lovely Insta’s and read the included post and think to myself I totally get that, I was thinking just along those same lines myself, only with more F-bombs interjected, but you get the point. I can’t help but to crack myself up, it’s the hazard of knowing your own self so well, and of course that ADHD paradox thing I live every moment of my life. I love flowery verbiage, until I don’t, just as I’m as girlie as it gets until I’m not. I mean after all I was raised in a steel town along side three brothers, I can only take it so far. So yeah, I can be classy, but I cuss a little (ok, a lot). I love metaphors. I really do love metaphors. I think all of life is a metaphor.  Anything and everything in life can be summed up in a good metaphor. Ahh, metaphors they simplify the complexity of life so much. I just love words. In my head I have the ability to speak very eloquently and articulately, when I open my mouth, not so much. I’m better putting pen to paper, I think with the ADD it’s always been a natural way to slow me down enough to really get out of my head what I’m thinking or feeling as opposed to speaking, when I speak I feel rushed, which of course is another personal ADHD trigger of mine, rushing which ties into my ass backward time management issue, I’m the ADHDer that is NEVER late! (a rare trait) .. and of course my impatience, but that gets kind of evil so we won’t go down that road today. In comparison my feed at times seems rather lack luster, how do these people do it? Several times a day? So beautifully? So contemplative and deep. Am I an Instaloser? I personally don’t really like to bleed out too terribly on social media other than my own blog here, but some of these pictures and posts, .. does everyone just happen to have fresh flowers lying about to enhance their photography? IMG_20180102_061739_477.jpgTrinkets and jewels? I have a few I’ll admit, and I am a sucker for a pretty picture of cards. Then I have to wonder, do they do dozens of them up ahead of time to have them handy? I mean, I don’t know, call me an Instanewb. I have to go to work and stuff, then there’s the laundry and grocery shopping, the cleaning, oil changes, tire rotations. I mean it, these guys, their pics really look like work. Work! that actually takes REAL time to do. I do my cards in the morning mostly half awake and on that first cup of coffee, I may still be lucid dreaming for all I know, and just know this, that Instapic you see, completely unelaborated mind you, no doubt took me 23 shots and more than several OCD edits and don’t get me started on my wording. I edit that shit back and forth the first half hour AFTER I post the thing. But I can’t lie, it is fun and so insightful seeing other people express their thoughts and take on the cards. To my newly found Instafam much love and thanks for all the inspiration and wishing you all a very happy and blessed New Year.


I will try to find time to improve on pretty picture taking. “Try” being the key word here. That ADD and all, I can make no promises.

This year I resolve to take what I’ve learned from this past and happily share my thoughts and insights on living simplistically, for the day, and in knowing the Universe does indeed have your back if you so believe.


The January Tarot Challenge


*Shortly after midnight I drew my first card for the New Year. The World with its sense of wholeness and completion. I had spent the year of 2017 on my own uncovering, discovering and practicing ideas I had always wanted the time to delve more into undistracted and undisturbed to see if what I sensed was true. It is.

What will be my new beginning? The World.
I come into 2018 with a different sense of wholeness and a greater understanding of fulfillment and what it means to me.

How do I apply this? 2 of Cups. The application is easy, simply to share.





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