Just Gratitude

Not enough credence seems to be given to gratitude, it’s such a simple thing I think it just gets overlooked. I wake up some mornings overflowing with joy, then I check my bank account and surely it’s not coming from there! It comes from a place of genuine gratitude. It comes from minimalism, minimalism is a choice, it doesn’t come from a place of scarcity or poverty, it comes from a place of simplicity. To some it may seem as though I live in a state of blissful ignorance. Is that really so bad? I’m happy. Are they? Give, give, give and give some more. I love to give, giving comes easy to me and I give as freely as possible because in my ignorant state of bliss I really do believe the Universe has my back and will not let me down.  That said, time and time again the big U has come through. Not in big glorious ways, see, that’s what people are expecting. That’s what they want  to see. That’s what trips them up and makes it hard for them to believe. They overlook the little things, short on cash this month? do I win a big fat lottery, no, but am I offered extra hours at work for one reason or another. You find extra cash you had stashed and forgot about, a random rebate check in the mail. Stumped by a recent dilemma and here comes someone with advice seemingly out of nowhere, or you overhear other people talking over the same situation you’re experiencing with sound advice.  All these things I give thanks for, all these things I have a deep profound gratitude for and it’s all these things most other people wouldn’t even take the time to be grateful for, they take them for granted since they seem so random and insignificant and that is truly a shame. They are not insignificant, that’s the Universe letting you know it has your back and you are in the flow of it. Want joy? Practice Gratitude. Want abundance? Practice Gratitude. Want peace of mind? Practice Gratitude. Count your blessings. Give back.

Image 2-9-18 at 9.35 PM

Fill the cup of happiness for others and yours will be overflowing to the brim. – Rose Pastor Stokes

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