Irrelevant. How the Doorway now becomes a Most Irrelevant Adventure in Blogging.

Because I have ADHD. I can, and could, really just leave it at that.

March, 1 2018 6:00 am

I’ve gone from a just another lady with a deck of cards to sheer irrelevance. I still have the cards. I never part with the cards. All interests, no matter how passionate they begin, wane. I should have known. How could I have not have known?

Since I love that initial passion about the things I start in an attempt to give my interests longevity and continuously breathe life back into the faltering I’ve long ago developed a strategy of alteration.


Blog. Blog. Blogging.

As a life long journaler I do rather like this blogging platform but please note with interests that wax and wane, never really knowing what direction to take, my job in hospitality getting ready to explode for the season and the rather inconsistent nature of ADHD, this .com now becomes a short and sweet mixed bag of tricks. Not exactly an optimal selling point for a blog perhaps, but it’s honest, so I’ll go with that, and in the meantime, welcome to my now …

Most Irrelevant Adventure In Blogging .

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