Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind. Not Even.

An outlet for a brain that refuses to stop rambling, even at night, even asleep, my techno colored psychedelic dreams I could write a book on them alone. Attention Deficit Disorder. It’s my brains attempt to never ever be bored, to never be still.

I’m up early. My brain has already had nearly a dozen contemplative in-depth conversations with itself in the past half hour from why am I’m I even up this early, why I don’t like Instagram, why I love Instagram, the possible yet more probable reality of time travel via quantum physics and where is that picture of the birds on the porch anyway, pancakes might be nice for breakfast and do I even want breakfast this early?


Pancakes, such high calorie, maybe steel cut oats?  I’ve scanned the overview of my entire life from childhood to present. Twice. I knew I shouldn’t have taken that receptionist job at the All Tune & Lube back in ’87. But the coffees’ good. That’s all I really care about right now anyway. What to do today? What to do tomorrow? Will it get done? Probably not because I’m too busy thinking about doing it than actually doing. That’s my brain. It’s the hyper one, not my physical me. My physical me appears to be a slouch much preferring to quietly sip coffee, don’t be fooled by that meek appearance, the brain is a fucking Wonder Woman there are no boundaries.


Sweet Nothingness.

I’m up too early. I sleep well, but I’m up early, too early to get into much of anything so here is where I’ll find myself until the dawn breaks, behind these keys rambling into the matrix of the .com, a shit ton of sweet nothing. Boredom Busting. Sweet sweet nothingness. I suppose I could mop the floor, though I digress. Ahh, ADHD.

 scribbles the dark ink
delicate flowers greet the dawn
surrender the night



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