Because it is relevant.

#ITakeMyPillsBecause .. is still on my mind.

I advocate ADHD because I should have been a better role model. I advocate ADHD because no one ever did so for me.


The whole thing saddens me really to the point I mostly didn’t even want to comment anything about it. That’s typical me. I don’t compute insinuation very well, I find it ridiculous without facts and since I can’t take in account all the facts on every individual with ADHD and/or on Adderall I just rather not part take in any mud slinging.
Typical me again. I’m not against confrontation I just rather prefer not waste my time or energy trying to convince anyone of anything they’d rather not be convinced of. You do you, I’ll do me and let’s just agree to disagree.
One of the latest trending hashtag on Twitter, #ITakeMyPillBecause, in reference to Netflix’s documentary ‘Take Your Meds’.  ADHD and Adderall, the condition and medication is so controversial, the subject, all of it, and unless you have ADHD or have a child or loved one that you have to watch struggle first hand and heavy hearted with ADHD you probably will never understand the full impact of this condition. ADHD is real. ADHD is hard. ADHD is NOT an excuse. ADHD is highly treatable be it holistically or with prescription medication, and that is a personal choice based on your needs, belief, preference, whatever, but what works for one may not work for someone else and that’s ok too. In response to the hashtag I simply respond with, I advocate ADHD because I should have been a better role model. I advocate ADHD because no one ever did on my behalf, instead I was raised undiagnosed and unmedicated to believe I was slow, stupid and lazy, as it was put I “will never amount to anything” then questioned later on in life by those same people as to why I never made anything of the talents I actually had. I don’t understand the hate. Don’t hate. Don’t disrespect. Don’t discount. If you can’t agree then agree to disagree and move on. Yes unfortunately Adderall IS abused, so are lots of other legal drugs meant to help with conditions they are not used for, that’s sadly the world we live in.  As for the children, as parents we do what we feel is best or we do the best that we can. Those who stay home and regulate the activities of their children with the hands on ability of teaching them better coping skills along with the monitoring of their food and drink, red dyes and all other artificial coloring etc., please remember how blessed and fortunate you are to be able to do so, don’t look down your nose at the parents who are working two and three jobs just to legitimately keep a jar of peanut, milk and bread in the house and do not have the same luxury you have. Don’t make those parents feel ashamed that they can’t do for their children the same as you do for yours or to doubt and questions themselves on whether they’re doing the right thing when no one else is willing to watch their children because they’re “too much of a handful” without the assistance of a legal and proven effective medication. Let’s have each others back on this. Personally I’d rather see my child responsibly take a legal and proven effective medication and be able to function effectively as a productive person in society with the capabilities of living a life he is proud of and happy with than have him spinning around endlessly in circles impulsively making the same poor decisions over and over again getting nowhere and fueling the fire of low self esteem unnecessarily or self medicating through other drugs and/or alcohol. ADHD is REAL. How you deal with it is a personal choice, but stop the criticizing of the people who chose differently than you, that goes for both sides of the fence. As one community let’s have each others backs and support each other regardless of which road to function we choose for ourselves. I don’t like to carry on much about this lest I begin to digress so that’s all I’ve got to say about that. I’m just a middle age lady with ADHD looking at life through the lens of one day at a time and no, not on Addreall.



5 thoughts on “Because it is relevant.”

  1. I don’t judge either way. I am just one to always choose a natural approach. Sometimes we just can’t. I was on the med you mention after my brain injury. My thoughts were so jumbled. It took the edge off but didn’t really help much so I stopped. I’ve worked with many special needs, medicated and unmedicated, I feel it’s a personal preference because every single person is different!


    1. Agreed. I’m all for anything holistic or homeopathic. I know I have tried every herb, oil, vitamin and any other conncoction to come along in the struggle with ADHD to no avail. If one had worked well enough for me I’d have stuck with it. I cannot also deny the night and day difference in my own child although he doesn’t like to take any medicine and as such still struggles. It’s difficult enough as it is without being made to feel like everyone that decides to take these any of these medications help improve or regulate their condition is just looking for an easy fix.

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