Hello April, Please be kind.

I should write more. It’s the pesky inconsistencies of ADHD.

It’s there swirling about inside my head all incohesive like as usual. March with its Springbreakers here in vacation land USA kept me busy work wise, a pinched nerve in my shoulder is still rendering my arm numb right down to the fingertips, it’ a painful process to even type. I suppose PT is in the near future, I’d say UGH, but it’s probably not a bad idea.

All last month felt as if too much time was slipping by too fast, I’d have to pull myself back and remind myself it was only March, but it’s been a long and rather cold winter here in the south, I thought I’d be escaping all that SAD moving down here from the mid atlantic. Live and learn. Then there’s that black juju dropped on my doorstep from January still finding ways to linger. It’s a lingerer. I don’t think people really realize the power of words. I’ve been waiting on sweet springtime to and the warmth of her sun to burn all this nonsense away. Poetic. I know.

Hello April, please be kind.


I think I need a game plan. I’m thinking. There’s dangers in that.  Another issue with the ADHD, you think more than you actually do. Then the whole time management issue gets involved. It’s a double damn it. The doing and the time to do it. There is great potential for overwhelming just dealing with those two thoughts alone. I guess I didn’t realize how interwoven the ADHD was in so many aspects of life until I actually sat down and started to write, even ever so humorously, about it here on this blog last year. It’s always there in the background, like a shadow waiting to jack up something. How have I even gotten this far! Ha! Ha? Hmm.. Well, damn. I see peanut butter toast in my near future and a cup of coffee with lots of thoughts and game planning now. Welcome to the second Sunday of my April.




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