ᗰᗩᑎIᖴEᔕTᗩTIOᑎ ᗰᗩY

Feeling in a much better place than the earlier months of the year, hello warm air and sunshine! .. so maybe if only as a reminder to myself: Buy the shoes (or the camera). Eat the cake. People think I’m a little flaky because I seemingly live only in the absolute moment, but then why wouldn’t I. It’s the only thing that really makes sense to me. It’s not that I’m unaware or oblivious of the future. It’s not that I don’t believe that if you have the means to prepare and secure for your future you shouldn’t. But worry? Chronically? Over a time in space that is nothing more than your own imagination for better or worse.. or worse I say because it always seems to me that the people who do this obsessing tend to dwell on all the ‘could go wrongs.’ I just can’t allow myself to get that far ahead of my own self, been there, tried that, it leads to nothing more than anxiety, and over what? Over nothing. Over thin air. Crazy.

The reality is, the only reality is now.

If you buy a lottery ticket you could wake up a millionaire and that’s the reality of that. The probability may be slim to none, but the REALITY is your whole world could change overnight. I like to focus on positive reality, not dwell on negative probability, and as an extra bonus it’s easier to think this way, it’s more simplistic, and I’m all for simplicity, it makes me a much, much happier person and isn’t that the important thing at the end of the day. Happiness. Your own. Your own happiness is keystone to just about everything else, so yes, buy the shoes, eat the cake, you don’t need to live unnecessarily foolishly, but never ever allow yourself to settle for living unhappily. So this month here’s to dreaming, asking, believing and receiving.

Peace Out & Happy May🌷






4 thoughts on “ᗰᗩᑎIᖴEᔕTᗩTIOᑎ ᗰᗩY

  1. I am such a forward future focused person I am guilty of absolutely losing the present moment, which is a shame especially in May, when the weather is so damn nice

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    1. Agreed. It isn’t easy to do. I literally took a year to retrain my brain and still backslide. My beginning of this year was riddled with depression and anxiety, but the reality is, the reality we are in at the moment is the only reality. Embrace that instead.
      PS: my son hates when I talk like this, he says his brain melts a little. He can’t watch or listen to anything relating to Nikola Tesla either, so… Damn Girl, you give so many others, myself included, much needed inner strength through your truth.

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  2. That post was a breath of fresh air. Life proves time and again that you never know what’s round the corner. I now try to live for the day. Doesn’t mean I don’t have dreams, plans or a sensible grip on reality. And it doesn’t stop me being scared of everything and everyone! But I’m much more relaxed living in the moment. Commented on similar themes on other blogs I’ve also read today, including DGGYST 🙂 It’s clearly a day for reflection! Life throws curveballs, you have to be flexible enough to either catch them full on or swerve to avoid. Second-guessing them is a waste of worry. 😉

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    1. So totally agree. So nice to know I’m not crazy. Lol. I’ve seen too much happen too quickly that changes the entire landscape of peoples lives for better and WORSE. Life comes with zero guarantees. Have #faith. Live now. I wish more people could understand. You may not get the chance later. 🏹

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