About Galena ~

Gale’ne: One of the fifty Nereides. The goddess and personification of the calm sea.

Galena: Β of Greek origins

Meaning: Healer

Character analysis of the name Galena: imaginative, creative, insightful and helpful. Person may tend to be a loner.

Love life of Galena: (close your eyes) Persons are very sexual and irrepressible, fiery. Their stimuli are also the mind. mmmmm hmmm

Personality no.6: In numerology people with the name Galena are loving and domestic. They love tranquility and comfort. They are artistic and like quality. They work well with others and love to discuss things. They are confident and good healers. They are charming, serene, intelligent and generous.


*All of the above but mostly I just needed a name for this Blog.


Galena, per Amanda.