Welcome to Galena’s Doorway

Welcome to Galena’s Doorway, combining the neurodivergence of ADHD with Tarot and various eclectic mediums; an ongoing menagerie of thoughts, reflection, and some irrelevant randomness pulled from life. Struggling with ADD at its worst has completely derailed my life at one point or another. At its best it’s given me a fabulous sense of humor, empathy, compassion and an appreciation for the  ‘farout’ stuff.

..just another lady with a deck of cards and a blog..

My name is Cindy, aka Jeannie J. Attention Deficit Disorder survivor, creative writer, reluctant Tarot reader, and newly empty nester. 30 years ago I started reading Tarot to kill time during the graveyard shift as a gas station attendant after high school. Later the cards would bring me solace during one of the most difficult periods of my life. From the comfort of the shuffle, to their insightful and often profound messages, the cards acted as a personal therapist and coach. Astrologer and card reader Andy Boroveshengra once posted that if you had a deck of cards, you were never alone. And so this was true, and still is today. My hope for this little slice of the .com universe is for it to become a comfortable corner for anyone who feels at all like the odd man out, the outsider, always a little out of step or anyone that just feels they can’t find their fit in the cookie cutter world.

The purpose behind this blog is really to reach out to others who have felt from time to time like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole, a bit of a misfit, but not really. That’s the hardest part. It’s the being very sound in who you are while not really fitting in anywhere with anyone. A blessing and a curse. Learning some valuable lessons along my way has brought me here to the land of a kajillion blogs and so with that if someone stumbles across my doorway here and can relate, is touched in any way, or even merely amused, then all this typing will be worth it. Typos and all. And if not,  just be cool about it cause this is kinda fun.