ADHD Online Resources

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** How To ADHD.

THIS. LADY.  Her talk at TedX had me in tears. It was like listening to the whispered thoughts inside my own head all my life. I cannot advocate her You Tube channel and what she is doing enough. You can check out her You Tube channel here, it’s excellent. You can also find her on Facebook under the same name.

*Excellent information also can be found at totallyADD. Excellent blog. Plenty of information, resources, articles. The site is kept very current and up to date.

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**Another great site to visit and browse through is Where it says First Time Users Start Here, please start there. They make you feel welcome and that ADD is not just something you created or a bandwagon you decided to jump on for a handy excuse to what may appear to be a lackadaisy demeanour.

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** can be found here, a national nonprofit organization that improves the lives of people affected by ADHD through education, advocacy, and support.


**ADDitude online magazine, is another super resource with a multitude of information. I wish I had all this at my finger tips decades ago, I would not have felt so lonely in my struggle.

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