~ #tarot4adhd ~ Snapshot Tarot Advice for the Attention Impaired

Snapshots, is my way to offer guidance, Image 10-2-17 at 10.26 AMinspiration or a quick tip to those living their daily lives while dealing with issues of ADHD/ADD, myself included, for October’s ADHD Awareness Month and as such I’ve deliberately chosen to leave out the multitude of layers involved in the cards in an attempt to simplify a core message found within that would resonate with and/or reflects the appropriate guidance that may be applied to those with ADHD. I’ve chosen to leave the in depth analysis of this subject to the mainstream Tarot communities and sites found online.

Snapshots, Tarot4aCause~



Day 30 at last of my personal self challenge! 

**It’s through outer observance and inner awareness we are able to move forward. The King knows this. Balance. You know this too. He has mastered it and holds what he values most near to him. Coins. Physical. Tangible. Coins. Self worth starts from a strong and stable foundation. Build it. Start there. Balance and stability will become your rock. Form your external world with good habits and structure so your internal has something gauge itself.


King of Coins, Chariot & 4 of Coins


**When feeling scrambled and kajangled remember there is an infinite amount of resources always available to you, online support groups that are always accessible can be of great service. Connecting and communicating in truth with like minded people can bring symmetry to daily life and give you a sense of connection. Instead of a personal quest, try making it a group effort.


8 of Wands, 5 of Cups & King of Swords // Queen of Swords, Star & 5 Wands


**No real guidance or such today or maybe its cloudy and cold and I’m too sleepy to look deeper, but a fairly accurate description of ADHD, the conflicting internal struggle of thought, feeling, and direction. External meets internal, the thought and the action, aggressive and passive, embracing the imagination. The love for life, so rich and so deep and yet mired with confusion and lost empty spaces. Thoughts clash, clank and clatter together like a box of dropped silverware, loudly and scattered, what could be a symphony is now just noise.


Lust, 8 of Swords & Priestess


**Don’t allow any growing feelings or any growing sense of anxiety hem you in. Use tactile ways to stay grounded. Keep busy and carry on if at all possible. •Feelings can get strong.


7 of Cups (r) 8 of Cups (r) & 5 Coins


**Reckless abandonment once again. ADHDers, myself included, are prone to impulsivness. When reevaluating, readjusting, and starting over again, remember slow steady progress is better then a flash in the pan and a quick burn out. Jera rune speaks of cycles and patterns. Think back to times you tried to forcefully and impulsively push through without any practical plan. Create a solid plan then rise.


7 of Swords, Knight of Wands (Jera Rune) Judgement


**Sometimes we focus a little too much on the BIG picture forgetting the old saying about God is in the DETAILS . When practicing practical decision making, keep yourself grounded & centered, don’t be overly influenced by the grandiose or the already established. Smaller investments with great love hold much potential.


10 of Coins, Lovers & 3 of Coins


**Don’t allow over exaggerated fears in the head interfere with matters of the heart. Allow anything genuine and good to develope naturally at its own pace & re-evaluate later when there’s less noise mentally.


9 of Spades, 3 of Hearts & Ace of Spaced


**Working diligently today while engaging all senses may move you to a calmer emotional space.


3 of Disks, Fortune & Priestess


**Time travel, albeit fun and fascinating. ..not an option. Try your best to stay present.


6 of Cups, 8 of Cups & Death (*r)

**Learn to be comfortable where you are and in who you are right now. Sometimes by trying to push through and/or push on we actually stunt the very process of becoming. By hyper focusing on one area or thing we deny ourselves much room to move and other areas to evovle.


10 of Coins, La Papesse, 4 Staves & 5 Coins


**I couldn’t describe adhd any better than the 7 of Cups forged to the Devil. The scatteredness of feeling and thoughts that can often leave us in a perpetual state of discobobulation. Don’t be too proud or ashamed to reach out for help and guidance first and foremost. The Devil is a crafty soul, don’t let him trick you, use his creativity to your advantage & find your own creative outlets to design structure for your life and purpose, don’t let him hold you hostage. You have the keys within your grasps to find any solution if you so choose.


7 of Cups, Devil & Hierophant


**Upon first glance I’m reminded of this quote: Life is meant to express yourself, not impress others. ~
We often keep ourselves in a very small space when we don’t communicate our thoughts and ideas. It’s through communication we can flourish and find a sense of openness and wholeness. So again in my tarot4adhd, my personal tarot4acause challenge this adhd awareness month, I remind you to remind yourselves to reach out to others on the same journey. Join support groups. Talk to like minded people. I have adhd, I know the very things you think and feel. Find ways to express, to give and to grow. Don’t keep yourself closed up. You do yourself no favors by doing so. Rise up.


Judgement, 8 of Swords & 8 of Coins (TdM)


**Making clear cohesive decisions stems from having clear cohesive thoughts. Not an easy task with adhd. I know. Cleaning house is just a metaphor for cleaning up your mind of all the junk and clutter. I like this card in its Zen quality. Sometimes a Zen approach to something as simple as hand washing dishes or dusting the furniture can bring you a sense peace, calm and even new found revelations. There are choices to be made and a new path to be followed up ahead as always in life, and you’ll want to approach them a fresh as possible. Clean your house. Start small. You’ll want and need this preparation. As always the theme is balance. It’s up to you.


Cleaning House & Making a Choice (Enchanted Map Oracle)


**Reckless abandonment vs willpower and drive. The push and pull of opposites. Seeking balance is always the key and often the problem. Look for creative hands on ways to blend the 2 and see what develops as a result. Never let your willpower to succeed override your imagination and creativity. Never let your imagination overtake your will to succeed. Respect all inner truths and remember to bloom where you are planted.


Queen of Hearts, Queen of Diamonds, 3 of Clubs, Fool & Chariot


**There can be a sense of stability and accomplishment when we learn to be content in our own skin. Appreciate your personal environment and interests regardless if how insignificant they may appear to others. Let your personal tastes lead the way today. Sometimes its ok to let it be all about you.


9 of Pentacles, Chariot & Emperor


**Join in support groups and/or communicate with other like minded people. Take the risk in being vulnerable, open and honest in your journey to others along a similar path. Offer your personal insights, stories and quirks. Let your vibe attract your tribe.


3 of Cups, 10 of Pentacles, Knight of Pentacles & Page of Cups


**Don’t let any false or internal message of despair or separation keep you creating the balance you seek. Reach out to others for support or trust your higher self or Higher Power to guide you through any periods of isolation and/or pain.


Page of Wands (R), 3 of Swords & Lovers


**Don’t be oblivious to the power of your imagination. Step back and allow good judgement guide your steps today.


Fool, King of Swords & Star


**Allow the evaluation of any set backs or loses to ignite your internal spark. Remember to, and rely on inner strength and fortitude. Use your creativiy to move you forward and back into balance.


4 of Wands, Strength, 10 of Swords, Hermit & Page of Wands


**Use your innate ability of diversity to look at any issue giving you pause or anxiety from a unique perspective and different angles that’s not as easily accessible to others.


9 of Swords, Hang Man & 2 of Pentacles


**With clear and honest foresight and practical applications nearly any task or goal can be achieved. You got this!


Queen of Swords, King of Pentacles & 4 of Wands


**Take time to enjoy the feelings of fulfillment and allow any recent accomplishments propel you forward. Enjoy the moment, enjoy the feelings however don’t get stuck there. You got this.


4 of Wands, Devil & 9 of Cups


**Surrender & acceptance are the key to freedom -EMO
The Hermit shines light on balance, future success depends on this. Wisdom. The caduceus are a herald but often symbolizes healing. With ADHD it’s often medication (homeo or pharma), education or a balance of both. You choose. As always seek good counsel. Arm yourself with knowledge and shine your own light out for others on the similar paths.


2 of Cups, Hermit, 3 of Wand & Rock Bottom (Enchanted Map)


**Success lies in sharing ideas and resources with others. Take time to lend yourself to cause near to you. Its communication for the win!


6 of Pentacle, 6 of Wand & Page of Swords


**Honor your creativity and individuality. Allow the versatility of your mind to aid in cutting through any indecisiveness. Power through challenges with your hyper focus on fresh ideas and inspiration.


7 of Cups, Emperor & Ace of Swords


**If a house is a metaphor for the mind, then you dear ADHD have afforded us a palace. Creative, bright, innovative, open and fearless. When the blues come around and you’re feeling out of step with the norm remember the uniqueness that you have available to you. Be tenacious in finding ways to apply good sense and sound judgement. Take care of your golden palace and watch your own self worth soar.


Golden Palace (Enchanted Map), Fool & Page of Wands


**Don’t let the illusion of inadequacy, self doubt or fear of failure allow you to question your own progress or overshadow the personal goals you’ve worked hard on. Stoke the fire within, get inspired and keep to your goal. You got this.

~ “Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal that will enable you to attain the success you seek.”- Mario Andre


7 of Disks, Page of Wands & Moon


**Don’t allow feelings of inadequacy, incompleteness or boredom lead you astray. When you feel the urge to shake things up or impulsively abandon the things you feel no longer suit you, remember feelings are fleeting and temporary. Risking unknown paths on impulse may make for some heavy damage control in the future. Remember your purpose and stay solid.IMG_20171003_093942_602.jpg

King of Pentacles, 8 of Cups & Death


**Get creative in your daily routines to break up the monotony, or establish a new exciting one. Get in the practice of something good. Routines can bring balance and harmony in life but can often lose their purpose when the initial excitement or interest wears. Reach out to others for support.


8 Pentacles, Queen of Wands, & 2 Of Cups


**October Vibe: Keep tight & hold steady no matter how physically and mentally uncomfortable it may seem. Focus inward and practice self care. The futuresuccess of projects and prosperity depend on your patience in the here and now. Slow and steady wins the race. Use this month to reconnect with yourself and nature. To everything there is a season. Enjoy and embrace the start of Fall.


Knight of Pentacles, 8 of Swords & Queen of Pentacles


**Follow the Leader & Strength
You may have the opportunity to step into a role of leadership or act as a role model. Be open, vulnerable and honest about any adversity you’ve encountered along your journey. Be someones inspiration whenever possible. Lead with your inner strength to strengthen others.


Follow the Leader (Enchanted Map) & Strength


**The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step – Tzu

Whatever your aspiration, there’s no better time than now to begin. What aspirations are dictating your path?


The Fool & Ace of Wands


**Great ideas and future aspiration may have you antsy and excitable, but now isn’t the time for impulsive action. The unforseen future and financial support doesn’t back this. Take this time to lay future plans out soundly and budget what is needed to get projects off the ground. Hold your ground while forward thinking.


2 of Wands, 8 of Wands, & 4 of Pentacles


**Practice mastering your attention and focus, don’t let self defeating thoughts become your unraveling. Too often the negative thought progress tries to creep in. Do not back down from your insecurities, conquer them with mental discipline and focus, power through.IMG_20170928_072023_310.jpg

King of Swords, 5 of Swords & Tower


**Harness your passion. The future success of endeavors depends much on organization, solid foundation and good counsel. Seek structure.


King of Wands, 3 of Wands & Hierophant


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