oғ ιnnocence

First Love, Circa: 2012

The day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. Anais Nin

blush a simple kiss
indelible innocence
a wrinkle in time


*Just on composition: Not much more than a random photo of my son years ago with his first love, how I ended up with it I’m not quite sure, I actually love the grainy noise of this old outdated cellphone shot aesthetically but more so I love how the photo speaks on that universally experienced great divide, that instantaneous moment in time that splits innocence to coming of age.



Not So Alone ~ IT’S THE SECRET OF MY SUCCESS – Rick Green

I clean house like this: Start in one room, half ass it, then start another room and do the same, then another, and so on, going back and forth between each room, periodically stopping for an ice tea, or perhaps (more like) a beer or two if I’m feeling saucy, while stepping back to mentally access the bigger picture (it’s the Sagittarius in me) of how nice my freshly cleaned house is going to look, feel and smell. The house would be in complete disarray for the majority of the day, but all ends well. It would drive my meticulous OCD mother crazy. My philosophy was, (and maybe still is) what difference does it make when it came to something like house cleaning how its done if the end result is the same. After reading  totallyadd’s latest blog post its nice to know I’ve never been alone in this kooky way of working things through.  Jeannie J ~

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