…there are just too many thoughts at one time.

That’s what the past 2 weeks have seemed, much like this strange half frozen egg found in my fridge a couple of weeks ago. Not quite this, not quite that. Regardless I still had to make an impromptu run to the market to pick up fresh eggs to finish off my baking. Such is life with ADHD, you just keep on keeping on. Baking. Half baked. That’s rich. Ha-ha. That’s a fitting descriptive. Continue reading “ᏕᎧᎷᏋᏖᎥᎷᏋᏕ.”

Because it is relevant. #ITakeMyPillsBecause .. is still on my mind

I advocate ADHD because I should have been a better role model. I advocate ADHD because no one ever did so for me.

The whole thing saddens me really to the point I mostly didn’t even want to comment anything about it. That’s typical me. I don’t compute insinuation very well, I find it ridiculous without facts and since I can’t take in account all the facts on every individual with ADHD and/or on Adderall I just rather not part take in any mud slinging. Continue reading “Because it is relevant. #ITakeMyPillsBecause .. is still on my mind”

Dear Jeannie J. WTH.

My brother commented that it was my mothers birthday the other day and told him I know and that I had mentioned it in a quick post on the blog and wth didn’t he even read it? His reply was he doesn’t read that psycho babble stuff and then went on to say maybe I should be the next Ann Landers. WTF. Continue reading “Dear Jeannie J. WTH.”

adhd: the struggle is real FYI

I was in a college class not too many years ago and the instructor gave a quiz to us to determine our learning style. Some learn by listening, some visual etc. They all had different names. I was the only one in the class that fell under the label ‘Naturalist’ learner. The unprofessional and apparently uneducated instructor said she didn’t know what that means, and maybe it means I should study under a tree Continue reading “adhd: the struggle is real FYI”

Rabbit Hole

Black and white, its refined elegance that I see, that’s the way I’ll go, that’s what they should see, that’s me, that’s the very part of me not many see.

The laughter comes, the colorful laughter, laughter like a rainbow, lets slide, stripped away goes the polish, but isn’t it all absurd anyway. Continue reading “Rabbit Hole”

An Open Letter of ADHD from a Mother to her Son

Dear DJ,

The one thing people can never really quite prepared you for when you’re about to have a baby is just how completely and madly in love with them you will fall.  I can still see myself sitting at the foot of your baby swing on the floor as you rocked back and forth asleep only weeks old, utterly amazed at how perfect you were, it was you and me against the world. It was always you and me. Continue reading “An Open Letter of ADHD from a Mother to her Son”