Rabbit Hole

Black and white, its refined elegance that I see, that’s the way I’ll go, that’s what they should see, that’s me, that’s the very part of me not many see.

The laughter comes, the colorful laughter, laughter like a rainbow, lets slide, stripped away goes the polish, but isn’t it all absurd anyway. Continue reading “Rabbit Hole”


Amber falls from the sky like liquid gold drowning paths untaken, drowning paths unseen

Gently Amber glides the season before death, moving with no hurry,  no sense of time already departed Continue reading “Amber”


broken pieces of glass on the floor, still salvageable

pick the big pieces up but some are so fine, little pieces of shard, pieces like dust, they just blow away into anywhere gone missing Continue reading “Kintsugi”


Blue’s not so bad. A touch of white for the Divine, at least there is some clarity there. She sits remorseful back against her chair and yet still she stares outward in hope. Continue reading “Paradox”