Clearing Storms Make For The Prettiest Sunsets

I know that sounds like a corny “life” metaphor, but then again, I pretty much think everything in life can be summed up in a corny metaphor. 



I had to over pull over. I couldn’t take my eyes off this amazing sky.

Some people do not or no longer have the ability to witness these spectacular views of our simple everyday world. You do. Show up. BE PRESENT. Count your blessings.


Wanted: Matching Pair

No prop. Random strappy black heel, just one, found at the beach entranceway.

How could I resist not snapping a photo. Cinderella could not be far.

Randomness at it’s finest.

DSC_1002Shoes sitting in the sun is symbolic of new beginnings and a bright future. 

(but now would that apply to just ONE shoe also? 🤔 Interesting)