It’s in the Cards

What it all means… so you wanted to know what the cards mean.. I’ve been pulling these periodically ever since you brought up moving back to Florida and what you hope to achieve. This one below is pretty self-explanatory.

It can be difficult to remove yourself from various entanglements but crucial in order move forward. Opportunity to safely grow and flourish awaits.


More over is the issue of whether you’re ready to make this move or not because it is going to be very difficult, people have lost faith in you and because of the lies everyone takes what you say with a grain of salt but you did that to yourself and can’t expect everyone to just accept you’ve changed, you no longer lie and everything you say should be taken as gospel because you forfeited that, and that is what these groups of card represent.

The stability they seek will require them to relinquish a period of power and control. No more hidden agendas or emotional manipulation. Leave the ego at the doorstep. Their ability to rise up can only come by letting go.

IMG_20180507_072350_499.jpgThe 2 of Wands in reverse and the 2 of Cups reverse shows imbalance emotionally and with a lack of clear direction. The desire is there to create something for yourself in the Ace of Wands and believing that it may be found down here in Florida with your family is gleaned from the 6 of Cups and its deep roots.

Judgement can be seen as the Phoenix Rising from the Ashes. It is an excellent card for endings and new beginnings however it sits right next to the Father of Cups in reverse. The Father of Cups in reverse at its worse is deceptive and an emotional manipulator. The King Cups Rx is seated right in between the Judgement card and the Magician in reverse, these 2 bookending this card shows that power and ego need to be given up in order to create that what you are looking for. No lies, no half truths, no stories, no tall tales, no secrets, no ego, no anger, no blame, are the sacrifices for what it is you’re looking for as vague as what you’re looking for may seem. It’s there. The Universe knows it even if you can only just sense it. Make sense?

DSC_1224.jpegI drew a Runes and it reiterates the same theme. Hagaliz. Hail. Difficulties. Destruction. Disruption. It’s an ugly Rune and it predicts things will be incredibly hard but has positive and most beneficial endings, after all in the end what does hail do? It melts, turns to water and nourishes the earth, the grass, the fields without that everything would stagnate dry up and die. The I pulled a few more.. Sowilo, Algiz & Nauthiz. Necessity is the mother of all invention, including those trying to invent themselves. Nauthiz, necessity, stress, constriction, again not at all a nice Rune but it 1527431464535.jpgbuilds endurance. Algiz is faith, it’s protection, it requires belief and in the end Sowilo, the Rune of the Sun, wholeness, clarity, vitality, and achievement. Pretty cool right and seemingly pretty accurate. The theme that runs through all of these though is that all this rests on you and being mentally and emotionally prepared for this giant leap of faith because it is not at all going to be easy, it will be the hardest thing you’ve ever done, but if you commit and see it through, all the way through with all the difficulties you get to reap great benefits.

I drew one more card, an Animal Allie card and it comes up: Boar. So I leave it with this.



20180530_145509.pngInteresting stuff. Somethings to think about.