notes to the sun

When I moved to the west coast of Florida that first year I made a point to go down to the beach every evening and watch the sun set.

I’m an introvert by nature. I read cards but I don’t like to put my business “out there.” I notice how although I have enough people following me for my own personal tastes these accounts with mega camps are the ones usually most willing to break down their own readings piece by pieces, dissect their guts and put it all out there for the world to see. Not me. Not on the social medias of the world.  I have enough to say. The cards reflect that too. Those cards. All those silly cards.. Possibly the only therapist that didn’t fall asleep on me in my most desperate hours, always there, right next to and as trusty as any Bible. So maybe here I’ll share some of this, some of that, those heartbreaks, lessons, hope,t he things that still hurt and haunt and the dreams that still live and breathe happiness and purpose into those spaces in between.



People don’t seem to think you can be funny, snarky, drop a ton of f*bombs and still be insanely deep, altruistic, empathic and spiritual AF. Ha. Hahaha! I hear my friend Mojo’s laugh in my head. Oh yes the fuck you can.