“It’s all just a bunch of wooshit.”

Call me the anti Card Reading Card Reader.

It’s all a bunch of wooshit. Isn’t it? Is it? Does anyone really want to know the future? Know the truth? Really? And by the way, sometimes a cigar really is just a cigar. Throwing cards since 1985 and I’ll be honest, sometimes, just sometimes, I get tired of all the glitter and fluff.

Mirror, Mirror

Short and sweet, my favorite people to read for are the people who actually “get it.” The people with an open mind. The people who are willing to engage and interact with the cards, engage with me. People who are not afraid to ask questions of themselves, not afraid to look at themselves, not afraid to laugh at themselves. Too often met with the “read my mind” or “give me the winning lottery numbers” mentality one hates to read so freely.  So old, so predictable. I’ll read your cards, I won’t attempt to read your mind, honestly I don’t care enough to. Do you want truth? Can you look at yourself objectively in the mirror?


On Point

I like to keep my readings short, sweet, on point, though of course unless I’m in a randomly deep reflective mood. Those come and go in accordance to bouts of depression and funk I think. Honestly though I do get tired of sparkles and unicorns. I can write poetically and in deep thoughtful prose because I like to write like that, but I tend not to talk like that, present myself like that or read cards like. I’ll probably drop a lot of f*bombs actually (blame it on my steeltown roots.) I mean really, do we always go around with deep poignant transformational thoughts running around our heads? I guessing not so much of the time. There’s a practicality to card reading that seems to be over looked these days in favor of the Woo. The cards are used to help navigate us through the mental overload of bullshit and guide us through the murky terrain of thought vs feeling. Most of our days are filled with a lot of noise, WTF’s, salad for lunch or cold cut sandwiches, racing and rushing around, kids, family, errands and a whole lot of work flow. It’s not that don’t like the “Woo” because I do. I really really do. I LOVE Woo. But cards, any cards, are just cards. They act like little mirrors just reflecting back to us what we already know. What we already know but most likely don’t care to or rather, more accurately, don’t want to see. The little things we may miss. It’s the art distilling a message from a picture while searching out patterns and combining those skills with a healthy dose of intuition and psychology 101. Anyone can do it if they care to take the time. It’s not as “Woo” as one may believe, and it’s always intriguing!  It’s one of the few things that has captivated and held my attention for nearly a lifetime. No easy feat for a lady with ADHD.


I continue to read cards honestly because it’s fun. I’ve learned to express myself through them. I learned who I was through them when my therapist was falling asleep on me. Your cards will never fall asleep on you, you however may fall asleep on your cards. I have. I use them to journal. I use them in poetry. I use them in stories. I use them as prompts and for artistic endeavors. I like the art, the colors the styles. I like the shuffle and how they call me out. I like how they take me to far away lands and how they make me feel all spiritual and magical AF. I like how they remind me that I’m in control. Most of all I like how they speak directly to the artist in me, my free spirit and my gypsy soul!

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