The girl who reads the cards

I read cards and I know it’s met with laughs and eye rolls, but I do have a history with cards. A natural affinity. Growing up weekends were spent at  grandmoms house, and on any given weekend my brothers and I could be found selecting which topped saltine cracker from the lazy susan would go well with our hot tea with milk, followed by a late night of board games and cards.

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On pixies, witches, magic and stuff

I’ve been fascinated with pixies and witches and magic my whole entire life.  When Tinkerbell drank that poison and Peter asked for anyone in the world that believed in fairies to clap their hands, I’d be clapping my little hands so hard they’d sting. I’d hide out behind the honeysuckle bush on the side of our house peering at the Snapdragon flowers just hoping to get a glimpse of one. Continue reading “On pixies, witches, magic and stuff”

Look for the girl with sun in her eyes and she’s gone

This could be a snapshot of my brain at any given moment of any given day. Erratic, yes, but happily colorful! I can laugh at it because I’ve lived unmedicated with ADD all my life. If anything it does make for some entertaining stories in hindsight, but the struggle is real. Haha. No but really it is. Continue reading “Look for the girl with sun in her eyes and she’s gone”

“Boldly begin writing the next chapter of your life” – Julie Jordan Scott

All my life I’ve been writing. I wrote on walls with crayon. I wrote on the sidewalks with colored chalk. I wrote in a secret locked diary with kitty cats on the front, so cute, then penned over with hand drawn pot leafs and OZZY RULES 4EVER along with the name of my current crush, then scratched out and replaced by another, then another, then another..
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