Did you take your Geritol today?

How old is old?

I think we carry a picture of ourselves in our head that’s just lodge in there regardless how many years or decades go by, often when I see a recent picture of myself I’ll wonder who is that woman with all those lines around her eyes that vaguely resembles me.

I can’t remember the context of the conversation but I was at my brother’s house one Sunday having dinner and had commented on being middle age. Middle Age. Oh he just laughed and laughed. What. The. Hell. Read More

The girl who reads the cards

I read cards and I know it’s met with laughs and eye rolls, but I do have a history with cards. A natural affinity. Growing up weekends were spent at  grandmoms house, and on any given weekend my brothers and I could be found selecting which topped saltine cracker from the lazy susan would go well with our hot tea with milk, followed by a late night of board games and cards.

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