Salt & Simplicity

change of direction

salt air in the springtime breeze

sweet simplicity

Day trippin north. I never head north, always south, so I needed to head north. Fresh little markets and azure waters dot my route and it takes my mind off the strangeness these first few months of this new year that have got me feeling. Read More

the tree whisperer

A fool sees not the same tree that a wise man sees. – William Blake. Yeah, pretty deep, I know right. And true. I was scrolling through the Little Fox’s blog this mornin?g while having my coffee and trying to justify in my head the nutritional value of Nutella on wheat toast, when I came across this quote which tripped my ADD brain and reminded me how much I love trees. Now, some trees are naturally cooler than others, more character, more distinct, more vibey, just like people.

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