The Hook

The Christmas card still laid in it’s enveolpe on her bedroom dresser. I took it with me. I wanted to make sure it went with her forever so she knew.

I was driving to my friend’s house on the Eastern Shore when the snow began to fall. I had never driven so far away from home with snow pouring down as hard as it was and accumulating quickly on the roads but I decided to breathe deep and enjoy my adventure, and that I did as I slid my way right on past her exit. I made it though, sleep over pillows in tow, it’s funny how you begin to try extra hard to live when someone you love dies.

“Autumn, the years last loveliest smile” – Bryant

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An Open Letter To My Son

Dear DJ,

The one thing people can never really quite prepared you for when you’re about to have a baby is just how completely and madly in love with them you will fall.  I can still see myself sitting at the foot of your baby swing on the floor as you rocked back and forth asleep only weeks old, utterly amazed at how perfect you were, it was you and me against the world. It was always you and me. Continue reading “An Open Letter To My Son”