Confessions Of A Reluctant Card Reader.

“It’s all just a bunch of wooshit.”

Call me the anti Card Reading Card Reader.

It’s all a bunch of wooshit. Isn’t it? Is it? Does anyone really want to know the future? Know the truth? Really? And by the way, sometimes a cigar really is just a cigar. Continue reading “Confessions Of A Reluctant Card Reader.”

Tarot, My Fidget Spinner of Choice (ADHD Awareness Month Share #2)

**This originally was not meant to be a post but a page in a different area, but in light of acceptance,  ADHD Awareness Month, Friday the 13th and all things woo that go with it, I figured why not. It just makes sense. ADHD Awareness Share #2.

I love to read Tarot cards. Hell, I love to read all CARDS. I love to shuffle and throw them down. I’ve been this way since I was a little kid with my first pack of fortune telling cards at the age of 9.

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A Quicky for October

October Vibe: Keep tight & hold steady no matter how physically and mentally uncomfortable it may seem. Focus inward and practice self care. The future IMG_20171001_115847_771.jpgsuccess of projects and prosperity depend on your patience in the here and now. Slow and steady wins the race. Use this month to reconnect with yourself and nature. To everything there is a season. Enjoy and embrace the start of Fall.

Knight of Pentacles, 8 of Swords & Queen of Pentacles

Stuck in a Holding Patteren

Great ideas and future aspiration may have you antsy and excitable, but now isn’t the time for impulsive action. The unforseen future and financial support doesn’t back this. Take this time to lay future plans out soundly and budget what is needed to get projects off the ground. Hold your ground while forward thinking. ~




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September’s Tarot Overview ~

Hello September ~ talking Tarot, my Tarot monthly overview from the jump has the King of Pentacles falling out of the deck on the shuffle, and though I don’t always do this, I put him off to the side. I see already there should be a stong emphasis on home, finances and the hands on stuff. Structure. Lets get physical. I see more walks in the park to declutter head junk, and this is definitely not the month to tank out on the yoga classes. I’ll need those. Home and hearth. If I had a fireplace emoji I’d be tempted to stick it right here because I’m just that corny.wp-image-944431771

It’s more or less a passive month. Looks as though I’m soloing through most of it. Meh. Might be for the best anyway. I’m generally not a three card spread person, I personally like four, and depending on that last card maybe 5, or who knows, because: a) I don’t like a cliff hanger and b) why not. This month is very present focused. The here and now. Keep finances closely in check, and maybe adopt a new frugal attitude. This may take a conscious effort to keep on track, but attainable. Keep it real, don’t get the pie-sky-eye. There is definitely reason to believe the month ends on a high note.

Keep it real.

Reign in $$.

No pie in the skyness.

Challenge myself.

It’s all good.

The girl who reads the cards

I read cards and I know it’s met with laughs and eye rolls, but I do have a history with cards. A natural affinity. Growing up weekends were spent at  grandmoms house, and on any given weekend my brothers and I could be found selecting which topped saltine cracker from the lazy susan would go well with our hot tea with milk, followed by a late night of board games and cards.

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