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cropped-img_20180120_232823_114.jpgReal life is never as mystical as it appears online


Evidence of Proper Balance

External consequences lead to internal imbalances when we take on more than we are ever intended to. Lighten some of the unnecessary workload in the effort to see more clearly.




February 15, 2018


beauty dreams

princess of cups


Free Throw

February 13, 2018

Delusions of grandeur can kill ya. It’s not long before a suspecting Queen will coolly and casually raise an eyebrow and simply shout “Off with their heads!” or anyone else for that matter.



Daily Objective

February 12, 2018

The cards for my objective of the week were naturally along the lines of my current never ending story these past weeks so I dismissed it in favor of something a little more immediate and light.

Todays Daily Objective:IMG_20180212_084620_340.jpg

That. Is. Hilarious. Who says Tarot has no sense of humor!  All last week in the throws of whoa I just kept thinking how I need to clean my space, (metaphorically and literally!) maybe a pre-spring cleaning, maybe get at the bathroom real good like with some straight up bleach kind of cleaning. HAHAHA!! Today’s my mothers birthday, the ‘Clean Queen’ herself and yesterday I thought maybe I’ll bleach out the bathroom in honor of her birthday, and now THIS shows up as my objective for the day! Yeah yeah mom, I get it, I know you’re hangin around.

I dismiss and get to thinking a little shoppings in order since I have a 20% off coupon from a staple store and I do need some new shorts and the likes there of for work, I move on my questioning with a good healthy shuffle, “will I have shopping success today?”20180212_091551.jpg

Umm, yeah ya will but that doesn’t excuse you from cleaning the damn bathroom!


It’s all just too literal and too damn funny!


 The Never Ending Story

February 12, 2018


Girl, you holding on to too much shit. Let go, let go, let go. Remember the saying:


A Little Gratitude

February 6, 2018

Image 2-9-18 at 9.35 PM

Fill the cup of happiness for others and yours will be overflowing to the brim. – Rose Pastor Stokes

Not enough credence seems to be given to gratitude, it’s such a simple thing I think it just gets overlooked. I wake up some mornings overflowing with joy, then I check my bank account and surely it’s not coming from there! It comes from a place of genuine gratitude. It comes from minimalism, minimalism is a choice, it doesn’t come from a place of scarcity or poverty, it comes from a place of simplicity. To some it may seem as though I live in a state of blissful ignorance. Is that really so bad? I’m happy. Are they? Give, give, give and give some more. I love to give, giving comes easy to me and I give as freely as possible because in my ignorant state of bliss I really do believe the Universe has my back and will not let me down.  That said, time and time again the big U has come through. Not in big glorious ways, see, that’s what people are expecting. That’s what they want  to see. That’s what trips them up and it hard for them to believe. They overlook the little things, short on cash? do I win a big fat lottery, no, but am I offered extra hours at work for one reason or another. You find extra cash you had stashed and forgot about, a random rebate check in the mail. All these things I give thanks for, all these things I have a deep profound gratitude for, and it’s all these things most other people wouldn’t even take the time to be grateful for, they take them for granted since they seem insignificant and that is truly a shame. They are not insignificant, that’s the Universe letting you know it has your back and you are in the flow of it. Want joy? Practice Gratitude. Want abundance? Practice Gratitude. Want peace of mind? Practice Gratitude. Count your blessings. Give back.

Take time to celebrate all Life’s blessings both big and small.20180101_235612.jpg

Morning Ritual: Cat. Cards. Coffee.

February 7, 2018

Real life is never as mystical as it looks on Instagram. Still breaking in the Housewives so I threw some cards on a subject thats been brought up more than a number of times by Image 2-12-18 at 2.28 PMmy brother
the past few months, .. should I move? Background, I work in the travel and tourism field, as such I also live in a tourist area of town which can be quite expensive. Because I work in travel and tourism we run by seasons and out of season can always get a little less budget friendly. My brother feels I should move to a less expensive area of town and make a longer commute to save money. I disagree. I’ve looked and researched for a number of weeks now and have concluded it would be more of an expense, not to mention hassle to move now than it would be to tighten my budget and cut corners for the next month or two. He adamantly disagrees with my disagreement. So, that’s what’s on the table. Here’s a look on the take of each of our individual views.

IMG_20180205_093941_031.jpgBro’s on bottom row, I’m on the top row. Clearly my brother has a more far reaching and over all encompassing view of this situation and believes I should take the risk and move because he feels it will bring a balance back in the way finances. I know this because of obvious conversations we’ve had. This is a biggie with him. He is very money conscience and future oriented. All three of these Major Arcana cards reflect this perfectly.

On the top row is where you have my hot ass. Just look at me kicked back in that hammock rocking my Chocolate Marini! Hellz yeah! This is myself being comfortable and stable where I am. The Moon in Rx shows no fears, nor am I completely naive to issues that surround me. The 2 of Wands also has a lot to say, reflecting I’m not really certain which direction I want to move, so I feel it’s better to stay put with what I’m familiar with until I think, feel, or know differently. This is true, without totally digressing, lets say I do know where some of my indecision stems from.

Do I listen to big bro, or listen to myself?IMG_20180205_094921.jpgListening to myself is to the left and bro is to the right.

Listen to your(my)self. *You should always follow your gut instincts. The Ace Coins is an interesting find here on my side since it’s my brother that is the most concerned with my finances. My Ace of Coins is small, but there is a practicality to it, it’s clean, it’s simple and it’s tangible. It’s a starting point. I’m nearing the end of my first complete year with the company I work for and from this standpoint I have a better idea of the ebb and flow of our season, how our paychecks run and what to look at moving forward. This in turn leaves me with the knowledge to better budget for the next off season should I choose to stay in this area of work. There is also breathing room found here in this Ace, one single clean plate, held up against and open background, whereas taking my bros advice, on this issue at least, would leave me kajangled, confused and obviously more than a little overwhelmed, and THAT is where bigger mistakes are often born.

*Often times risks are worth taking, even the when they seem to make no sense but generally it’s because you have a gut feeling that things will work out for you in a way that is meant for you. So at this time my decision is to stay put until I sense differently.

Big brothers. They worry. Whatcha gonna do?

Todays Card Is……

SHIT. Gonna need a double shot.

January 24, 2018



6 of Cups Reflection

January 19, 2019

Figure this out, this month has been a complete fog. Maybe it’s the cold, or post holiday blues, I just can’t put my finger on it. I’ve been thinking about my mom, she passed in January two years ago and oddly I wasn’t so melancholy about it last year on the first anniversary of her death. Maybe the dust was just settling. I think of the old house and of a life I knew and never wanted,20180118_222539.png and how do you miss something you never wanted? When I left I didn’t look back, I knew if I did I’d never leave, though I waited nearly a lifetime to do so.  I don’t want or mean to go back, yet there was a shadow that got left behind, it lingers there still and I can see me there, me from years ago, I see my son as a boy, I still hear the laughter between the heartbreak anger and pain. I see our dog, and the swimming pool that went unused for so many years, snowflakes on the berry bush out around the side of the house that was never quite trimmed to perfection. And if I really let go and am very still I can almost smell the blossoms of the plum tree that shaded the porch in the spring, a scent so distinguished much like that of the mimosa trees in the summer rain in front of my grandparents house I’d climb as a little girl. I see my life. But how do you miss a life you never wanted, isn’t that funny. Or is a lifetime of familiar that I miss. That is funny.

Perhaps then it’s true, storms do make trees take deeper roots.IMG_20180119_081348_310.jpg


 Winter is upon us here on the Sunny Shores. Cold toes, classic sunsets and an abundance of blessings. Bundle up. But it’s all good.

January 17, 2018



 New Moon in Capricorn Spread

via @Ethony 

January 16, 2018

Typically I don’t read cards in any formulated spread fashion other than maybe a standard 3 Card throw and build on it from there, I tend to prefer a conversational stance but I thought it’s a new year, why not, maybe I’ll adopt the practice of a monthly New Moon Spread, that said…


The Wild Unknown Tarot

Where do I need to stand strong? I hear my own self saying ‘remember all that studying and philosophical practice you put into place last year, remember how well it worked, girl, you need to get back on that train!’ 3 of Wands. 3 3qndsThat multi colored vortex of the unknown.
So where I need to stand strong? It’s in the belief of the possibilities and opportunities that the future in its unpredictable way can so often surprisingly bring. Stay steady and hold course to what’s been believed in, what’s been paid for, and for the energy that has already previously been put out there. Stay strong in conviction of the blessings the future has to bring.

Where do I need to challenge myself?  Let a little love in. This lovely Ace of Cups card brings a sense of receptivity with it.  A closet lifelong struggle with ADHD makes me super sensitive and highly empathic, as such I’ve built walls. 20180116_132659.jpgI can take in too much weird junk on a sensory level that tends to affect me negatively, so I have a tendency to go it alone and because of that I can very much see this Ace of Cups as challenge. Note to self, Stop That.

Let’s get down the brass tactics. 😒🤣🤔 What requires more sensitivity in my life? 4 of Coins. Ugh. Damn it. And this is how cards call you out. On my part I do need to be more 20180116_134405.jpgstructured and handle finances a little more strategically and carefully. I never feel quite balanced when my finances are off kilter and working in travel and tourism this can get a bit see saw-ish. I need to budget better but more than that I need to adopt a healthier view of my finances all together, however I am a bit of a minimalist and I’m happily simplistic so this shouldn’t be too hard to grasp, but you know us women when we get in a funk. I digress.

What long term plans or goals need my attention?  And here in lies a problem. Ace of Swords. As I’ve mentioned in my IG posts of late this has been my stalker card. IMG_20180116_093823_115.jpgWithout getting too deeply involved there were tentative plans at the end of the last year that fell through and knocked my footing off of exactly what, where and how I see the future, from that point onward I’ve been at somewhat of a standstill as well as a bit of a mental fog. In typical ADD fashion I’ve got a host of ideas swirling about my head but the key is in pinning one worthy enough down to hyper focus on (which is exactly where the art & magic of manifestation comes into play). For those that don’t suffer from ADHD trying to concentrate on any one thing has best been described as nailing jello to a wall, let alone having that one thing hold interest long enough for it to evolve and manifest. Evolution is a lengthy process and ADHD is not a fan of patience.

So at last, what is the next best practical step forward?  There is none really, at least not  a pressing one at this very moment. Too often as a giver in attempts to make others happy I’ve gone against my own better judgement in haste only to find myself in a situation or surrounded by people, places and things that brought distress and unhappiness. The Hanged Man comes almost as a blessing, a message of reprieve, reassuring that there is a time to be still, to look at different possibilities, another angles and different perspectives, this is in fact a gift of the ADHD lens, to view the world a bit differently with this alternate view of the present and future. Now is that time. Be still. Breathe. Rise. Repeat.

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