November. ..and the Wheel begins to turn.. November Tarot Challenge @lionhart

November. ..and the Wheel begins to turn.. November Tarot Challenge @lionhart Follow along on Instagram ~

*11/30 Reflection: Wheel of Fortune was the random card pulled for November’s theme. I generally read lightly for myself as I may read well for others, I’m much too emotionally vested in myself to be unbiased. However this theme did come to pass in many ways and on multiple levels. I didn’t often share out of privacy reasons and lack of space though I may blog deeper into this theme as next year progresses… “What screws us up the most in life is the picture in our head of how it’s suppose to be.”


*11/29 What I leave behind in November … seems lately I’ve been so laser focused (Queen Swords not shown) on structuring my adhd I’ve lost touch with just being… living, believing and allowing the universe in. I leave behind the fence. Reprieve. Reassess. Revamp. Live. Love. Laugh. Let the holiday magic lead the way.


*11/28  “We’ve got to get used to the idea that at the most important crossroads in our life there are no signs.” Ernest Hemingway
Yesterday I waited for a message I never received.
Patience… not my thing.
Waiting not my favorite game.IMG_20171128_061936_997.jpg

What to continue to work on in December.. Emotional Strength seems to be the direct message.
The chalice can hold unconditional love and we can offer it up while wrestling internally with ourselves. These acts can be found maternally of course, but to surrender it to the unknown? Tolerance.
“Be entirely tolerant or not at all; follow the good path or the evil one. To stand at the crossroads requires more strength than you possess.” Heinrich Heine

“Love is the absence of judgement.” Dalai Lama

*11/27 “Structure is not just the means to a solution. It is also a principle and a passion.” Marcel Breuer ..  (8 of Wands, Ace of Swords & 5 of Cups) I started blogging most passionately last month during ADHD Awareness month. Instead of fighting my own ADHD I decided to embrace it and lead by example, something I should have done decades ago. ADHD is the drive, I have it, my son has it, other family member have it, it is the cause that is nearest and dearest to my heart. I don’t believe in any way we are behind the 8 ball if structures are in place, if medications, be them holistic or pharmaceutical are in place. Diet and exercise. Education on the workings of your particular mind. Fascinating really. Know thy self. The ADHD mind is kooky and unique, it goes too fast, is not at all disabled, it just gets bored too easily.IMG_20171127_080437_482.jpg
My Drive: ADHD.
My Motivation: is for people to educate themselves better about this subject, arm themselves with the knowledge and the power of how their own mind works.
My Action: what I’m doing right now. I came to Instagram not so much to join the Tarot community, that lovely perk came by default. I came to advocate for ADHD using the only tool a knew well enough to use, the Cards.

*11/26 An act of kindness for myself: “why yes, yes I think I WILL have the frozen margarita in the fishbowl glass the size of my head.” Knight of Cups & Ace of Cups


*11/25 Allow: .. your hot ass temperamental self to slow down. Pace it out. Allow some time for dust to settle before always rushing in trying to control and conquer. (so me 😆)
Accept: ..through adversity character is born, strength is also, and this I know is true, so allow others to learn this too.
Acknowledge: .. there is always hope. Help is always right around the corner and help may suddenly appear from the most unlikely people, places or things. Never give up.

Enchanted Map Oracle, Queen Wands, 7 Swords & Knight of Swords


*11/24  All I have to offer is experience. (King Coins 5 Cups & Knight Cups)
Probably why I started blogging recently in the first place, as a place just categorize my scrambled egg thoughts and put it out there for others.IMG_20171124_063906_173.jpg Dealing with emotions is tricky but not as tricky as feeling different or out of place and little lost and all of that from time to time accompanies ADHD. My hope has always been that it aids in comfort to anyone that may come across it along with a chuckle. I hope to get at it more after the holidays. None of us are all so very different at the end of the day.



*11/23 —

*11/22 —

*11/21 On overcoming challenges.. Time heals all things. Maybe. At the very least time lessen the pain of the blow. Time heals, again, maybe, but given time we gain a different perspective. Time soften rough edges.
Wait. IMG_20171121_072753_479.jpg
Time has a way of altering everything.
Patience. (Hanged Man & Temperance)
Once said and said once again, the Universe is under no obligation to make sense to us. So with that…
On overcoming challenges. .. be still, lead with intergrity, lead with love (10 Cups) and let be what will be.



*11/20 Go tell it in the mountain, over the hills and everywhere…
On reaching the 10 of Coins. .. to reach maximum potential there needs to be a realization. An awakening. The proverbial “a-ha” moment when you question what is worth what to you,.. to me (Judgement). One mans trash is another mans treasure. We all see our wealth just a little differently. Some see in large bank accounts, others see it in family, and others in community. Whatever makes us feel valued (9 of Cups) will give us our worth, will eventually bring us to our 10 of Coins. IMG_20171120_093931_989.jpg
To me its finding that truest most genuine calling something of personal passion and integrating that in a way that brings you joy. 3 Wands is always the first step of a future endeavor. Find what you love and execute a plan. Go big or go home. What was the question again? 🤣 JK!




*11/19 If the real magic happens outside our comfort zone (Moon) & the only thing that holds us back is our own insecurities… A combination of active and passive. A soft suit and a hard, just enough, yet their symmetry is equally balanced (6 Coins, 4 Wands).*Complacency. Simply put. That comfortable rut called life. But is that such a bad thing? It is not. It just does not move forward and we keep swimming the same pond, forfeiting the option we have to move out and onward.


*11/18 Carpe Diem. Blessed are the flexible for they shall bend but not break – michael mcgriffy IMG_20171118_070207_461.jpg
To tip the scales in ones favor.
As so said the Universe is under no obligation to make sense to us.
The Opportunity: to create whats needed, when needed, from resources available. (Knight of Wands)
The Mindset: to be open and flexible to the subtle shifts life brings along with it. (2 of Coins)
The Plan: moving forward with knowledge and clarity. Slay. (Justice) Clear the playing field and begin again.

*11/17 (10 of Swords) Because no words could sum it up any better…
“The biggest obstacle you’ll ever have to overcome is your mind. If you can overcome that, you can overcome anything.” – Marcandangel



Have courage. Have faith. “Courage is resistance of fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.”✌Mark Twain

*11/16 On Zen: theres a certain satisfaction of a precise equilibrium. Hard to achieve but those moments however brief lend a certain seity in the quest to master it (King of Swords).
Happiness: that internal and eternal spark for life. Temper fear, gift it toward creativity and passion. (Strength) In combination, my bliss: the written word. The pen now becomes the mighty sword as life is left to bleed on paper.


*11/15  On now and then. Now: Emotional adaptability often comes with maturity (King of Cups), it’s liberating having the knowledge to navigate, fluctuate, and maneuver (2 of Coins) such tricky waters and tides. Then: The dreadful angst of fitting in when the backbone of your entire existence and well being lies soley in the desire of acceptance in defining who you are (3 and 4 of Coins, 4 Cups).


*11/14 Be Kind to Yourself. Sometimes your heart needs more time to accept what your mind already knows. -unknown
On being too hard on yourself… analytical by nature (Queen of Swords). Too soft and squishy on the inside (5 of Cups). You have to protect yourself. A tendency to over analyze as a way to inform and armfullsizeoutput_39f based on a lifetime of allowing the heart to solely lead without logic now becomes at times a non rational habit. Logic becomes a double edged sword. It’s all in the head when it comes to matters of the heart. It’s all in the card sequence. Why? It’s all about control baby. Control of you? Nope. Control of myself and my knowledge of my ADHD and tendency of hyper focusing on things that have my  heart, my attention. However in an attempt to control myself, I have often become the odd man out of the group, the loner, the boho enigma in the company of a deck of cards🤣🤔. Finding ways to balance this, now opening up, finding more ways to see people and family once again. BALANCE  BALANCE BALANCE is the absolute KEY.


*11/13 Appreciation: …and the 10 of Cups flies right out before the first full shuffle. 10 of Cups, overlooking the obvious I am surrounded by. My tendency is toward boho enigma. Habit. I can become distracted easily. I can learn to integrate more into a group, (7 of Cups) family or otherwise… Support in a beautiful thing. Family, blood and otherwise..
“We are so often caught up in our own destination that we forget to appreciate the journey, especially the goodness of the people we meet along the way. Appreciation is a wonderful feeling. Don’t overlook it.” – unknown


*11/12 This prompt went a little deeper with a 4 card draw, and freakishly as Tarot would have it, it has been on my mind the past few days…  ‘I can do this – this needs more time.’  I can do this, 7 of Swords. This image itself is one of penetration, the 7 of Swords from the Thoth deck also came to mind and its wording of futility, though the background is colored a cool ice blue in the midst of what appears to be shattering glass, breakthrough and clarity. There is a determination here. As I had recently been blogging openly about my ADHD last month, I had also decided that I should do IMG_20171112_081550_872.jpgsomething I should have done decades ago and that is seek treatment. This is real head stuff, so fitting that main subject card would be that of the suit of Swords. My entrance into the psychiatric world was far less than welcoming to say the least, it was the worst and most uninviting experience in a medical facility I’ve ever had in my life, which sadly brought to mind visions of disgruntled folks clad in trench coats atop shot towers armed to the nines plucking off everyone and anyone in sight. In  head space I’m like, ‘Oh, I totally get it now’, wondering how many people have sincerely gone seeking help, treatment, looking for guidance only to be so quickly and impersonally dismissed. (More on that whole experience elsewhere at a later time.) I’m not done my fight, this may have delayed and/or prolonged it, but it’s far from over, this just needs more time, interesting… This needs more time. (8 of Coins). Patience, so not my virtue, but this is what it’s going to take. Patience and the need to be methodical. Neither are a strong suit. Shit. To get treatment for my ADHD I apparently need do everything my ADHD refuses to do. WTF. This will take patience and methodical steps when I myself by nature am impatience, impulsive and “creatively” scattered. hmmm… How DO I even manage to read these cards?

So, how can I do this, this gain clarity, and get to any breakthroughs going on? With the assistance of the 4 of Cups. There needs to be emotional foundation in place, structure.  I had in recent weeks joined a few ADHD support groups online, after my dismal experience at the local Behavioral Center my natural inclination was to vent and be heard so it was to these groups I went (right after of course I blasted the doctor and this facility on their own Facebook page, but I digress). So many came forward sharing their own dismal experiences with the mental health field, showing support of me, offering advice and cheering me on. Beside family, these people are destined to become the ground on which I plant my feet, my foundation and support throughout this endeavour, I need to be mindful and respectful of their journeys also. I need to listen more closely. ADHD is not an excuse.


So then why does this NEED more time? 9 of Wands. There was something broken that day. Trust. I trusted in a facility and a doctor to have my best interest at heart and this is not the case at all. Though I did leave with a prescription, it was begrudgingly that it was given to me, never listening to a word I said, offering any guidance or remotely cared for that matter.  Again, a topic for another day, however, as I sit here with script still in hand I find myself wondering if I should just wait in lieu of the upcoming holidays, wait, in lieu of the complete and utter let down of an experience I had waited over a month for, over a lifetime, and far long over due, just to try to make sense of my whole fucking life, but hey..should I just wait ….  Between holidays, family coming in town, then flying out of town to be with family, the next several weeks are packed and fast paced and I have lived like this my whole life, it ain’t pretty, but it does come with perks, I might need my ADHD super powers to get through. I feel like I should really regroup instead going back to this wretched place. Do more research and background checks on the doctor I’ll be meeting with, communicate and glean more information from the groups I communicate with online. As I began with, this is far from over, just a temporary break.  *note the nice balance of every suit displayed here in this throw. 😉

*11/11 On karma/Do more of this, less of that…
There is a simplicity in just being, (4 of Wands) nowhere to rush off to, nothing to prove. Instead of plotting, planning and shoving imaginary proverbial eggs into one basket, (8 of Coins) the key to good karma is simply to be. 20171111_062916.jpg
Do more being, less planning.

“Most rarely align with their true power because it seems illogical to them that there is power in relaxation, in letting go, or in love or joy or bliss.
What you need is to breathe rather than try, to relax rather than offer effort, to smile rather than struggle, to BE rather than do.” Abraham-Hicks

Yes, YAAASSSS, more “BEING” less planning…..


*11/10 On finding Harmony: how to reach my 10 of Cups? Well, DAYUM! Call me out. It’s all in applying the lessons. Page of Coins. Struggling with ADHD discipline is not my strong suit, IMG_20171110_065319_306.jpgapplicable lessons go a long way and discipline yields results, and this I know is true, and yet…**this little fella (or gal) has shown up 3 times out 10 Challenge prompts..think he’s trying get my attention. •Lessons •Application •Discipline thus begins a theme here and it’s interesting it’s at a time I’ve begun actively working my way thru long overdue ADHD issues.



*11/9 …now I am the sunlight altering the shadow of my own self. My love is understanding, my life stripped from its former to reveal clarity so transparent there nothing left but bones. This is me, this is my love, this is my life. Sun, Ace of Swords, Death.


*11/8 Affirmation of Empowerment: 5 of Cups & Ace of Coins. I am emotionally supported and supportive. Giving freely of personal experiences and not persuaded by the one dimensionality of that which is only viewed by the surface empowers myself as well as others.


*11/7 As on what to do right now: Page of Coins. Application. Its in the physical act of doing. If gratitude is found in the ability to see the lesson in even the most mundane situations, then it is in the now that I apply. Start small. Reach out. Volunteer. Give back. Give with knowledge. Give with cheer. Corinthians 2: 9-7. Applied lessons.


*11/6 On Wellness: 7 of Cups supported by the 4 of Wands and Wheel of Fortune. To center oneself emotionally working the process of individuation and constructing a solid foundation to support future cycles in the process of unfolding.


**11/5 On *gratitude, both in & out: the Page of Coins and the Ace of Coins, the ability to search and find the lesson in even the most mundane of situations//The ever present renewal of hope for and of opportunities that surround us all on the daily. Carpe Diem.IMG_20171105_070625_901000.png**11/4 What do I need to release during this Full Moon? That is the question that was proposed today and the easy peasy answer is: Page of Cups. melancholy. Feelings attached to nothing of significance hold no merit. Time to let them go. Bye bye.


*11/3 Today, what self care will support me this month? Knight of Cups. Champagne wishes & Caviar dreams.. the rich and fertile landscape of imagination. Art and creativity brings harmony to any stressed emotions. Eclectic mediums of art therapy, writing, poetry, photography and tactile creations.. maybe a nice Cabernet …. #getcreativeIMG_20171103_082042_223.jpg

*11/2 after the initial November Vibe Card, the monthly theme, comes working with it. Todays COD is the Tower and the first words that sprang to my mind was “I’m dead.” 20171102_081048.jpgI also hear myself saying this out loud all the while seeing a laughing emoji giving me the hand in face gesture in my head (ADD moments). I laughed out loud because why not. I gotta go with the gut. My way of reading cards may not completely be of the norm because of the ADHD and that’s ok because we all read our cards differently and we are all perfectly right. My way may get a little comical at times because that’s how my brain functions and processes things, that’s the way it’s always been and there’s no turning that off, that said…

“I’m dead.” If I link this back to the WOF from yesterdays November Vibe card, then yes, I’ve been squashed by the giant Wheel. I have to face it, I didn’t get up in time. BUT we are only on day 2 of a 30 day journey. Whenever I see people plummeting to the ground and crowns blasted off I have to think of self and ego. Here it’s perfectly fitting. I like that in this November vibe that it goes hand in hand with the WOF in its concept of change. Maybe it’s a little extreme, not as gently as the seasons change moving along as the great Wheel may, opting for more of a BAM! IN YO FACE quality, it can happen quite quick, but I don’t think that’s the message here today and I also see COD’s as very mundane including the Majors. Everything every day need not be esoteric, mind bending and philosophical, though digging deep can make for some interesting stuff. I’m very analytical, I love to pick things apart. Since the dead heat of the southern summer back in August I’ve gotten stuck in a rut, I think the COD is a call to action. Open the doors figuratively and literally, let all hat staleness out and some fresh (that word again) air in. It can be a EUREKA strike for some creativity also, look at all that confetti! Lets have a party! …  theme continues, get up get moving. I’m opening the windows right now!

*11/1 November I’ll be working with the Wheel of Fortune highlighting it as a personal card of significance for this month since after all it flung itself out of the deck in mid shuffle. I’ll infuse it within my weekly reads, evening draws and whatever other cards I may choose to throw about.


I’ve also put all other decks aside concentrating on working exclusively with the Marshmallow Marseille Tarot, IMG_20171027_220746_632.jpga small adorable take on the traditional Tarot de Marseille. Though I seem to glean more from the tradition Marseille deck and its structure and tradition, this little deck does has an undeniable charm to it, and I am a sucker for colors, they resonate with my senses well and these little watercolored cards are no exception giving way to a fresh spin on what can sometimes come across as an old fashioned stuffy deck. So it’s me and the Marshmallow for the #win this month.

I’m a 19-10-1 so the Wheel of Fortune card holds significance for me. It comes as we near the end of the year. November can come as a time to begin to clear way of the old, and make way for the new as December tends to get over crowded with holiday festivities and such, it tends to be more chaotic and faster paced then November. But enough of the season, the Key here is CHANGE, forward movement and MOMENTUM. I like the way Marshmallow’s primary color here is green followed second by a light blue. Growth and clarity. Theres a freshness (that word again) and coolness to this Wheel card. Next comes the yellow of the flame and also the spokes of the wheel, bringing a trifold of blessings, warmth and light. Marshmallow’s green bring us the fortune whether monetary or in that of new endeavors. Blue brings us the vision, and the clarity needed to move it forward. The Wheel crushes that which was sleeping, as ego fall, fortune rises as the blue pig makes its way to the top of the Wheel. I love that, the significance of someone in bed, someone resting or sleeping about to get crunched by a ginormous Wheel. C R U N C H. That’ll wake your ass up. Things that are dormant will either jump up and get going with a swift kick in the pants or they will be crushed.  Ima gonna get movin’ mmm hmmmm ….